£3.6m Army recruitment bid fails

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Dec 29, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Again from today's Times:

    The Government increased spending on Army recruitment by £3.6 million last year but failed to increase the number of soldiers. Despite record amounts of money being spent on trying to attract new recruits, fewer people signed up than quit. Figures revealed in a written parliamentary answer by defence minister Derek Twigg show that recruitment spending rose from £85.4 million in 2004/5 to £89 million in 2005/6.

  2. Probably due to the fact that the traditional recruiting base for the army, decent working class youth, is slowly disappearing.

    Replaced by lazy, workshy, cannabis smoking wannabe gangster rappers. The thought of having to work hard to achieve something is, for a lot of them, beyond the pale and would rather nestle in the bussom of the walfare state paid for by you and me.

    Before i get my head bit off, i'm from that background (albeit i left school 16 years ago) and not all of them are bad but i do see more and more of them becoming nothing more than oxygen (and tax) thieves.
  3. if cant get more kids to join why not stop people leaving by not fcuking us around so much
  4. It wouldn't be the army then mate :lol:
  5. ah yes but neither would it be if i couldnt moan about it.
  6. Statistics, gotta love them haven't you!

    The times also wrote (a week ago)

    So the Govt spent £3.6million on recruiting which increased the number of recruits by 16%.

    The increase in recruiting was not big enough to surpass the amount of people leaving the Army.

    At least they haven't lowered the standards enough to let any useless so and so in...yet!

    Recruitment does need looking at again, from reading what potential recruits say on Arrse it can take up to 14 months to get from ACIO to ATR. 14 months is plenty of time to get another job, serious girlfriend, criminal record etc, which relegates joining the Army to pipe dream status.

    Solution spend the budget on retention and recruiting, encourage service leavers to say why they are really getting out! Informal interview on last day and see what they say then! Then act on it!
  7. It shames me to say this about my generation but those values of courage, respect, loyalty, integrity that are associated with the armed forces are in short supply. The standard response I receive from friends and others when I tell them I plan on joining the Army when I graduate is "why would you want to do something so stupid as that?" and "only losers join the Army". "Why put yourself out" is the standard ethos amongst many in my age group.

    I hope that never happens to our military. A friend of mine across the pond told me the Canadian military has scrapped their minimum fitness standards for recruits to get their recruiting numbers up.
  8. Recruiting may not be failing but retention clearly is, and must be addressed urgently. Better pay, better accommodation, cut back on overstretch. This is more expensive than gimmicky campaigns to increase recruitment.

    For those who despair at the current crop of ne'er-do-well youths, the young soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan - many of whom joined in the last 2-4 years - are performing as courageously and selflessly as their historical predecessors, who would be proud. Clearly the Army (and the other Services) are doing something right!
  9. Because that is an easy number for Politicians to shout about.

    Yes efforts are being made but to get things sorted out to a point where there is a really meaningful impact on retention ultimately "costs" way more than fresh recruitment. Also takes some years for a measurable effect to work through.

    Of course huge "invisible" impact in non£££££ terms such as morale and loss of experience but as you cannot easily reduce that to a target number on a spreadsheet does get as much attention.
  10. the problem is, if you weight up the pros and cons of joining the army or staying on civvy street, civvy street offers more.

    Take the two things that matter most to most civilians: money and standard of living. Both of these average better on civvy street, so why would anyone really want to join the army?

    I have a friend who is at the dizzy heights of studying for dentistry, and when he leaves he could join the army, NHS or go private (£££)... which one do you think you would do!?

    The army only offers so much these days (that civvy street doesn't) - the adventure, the chance to travel, to meet great people, through it all, together, forward as one!! sorry i've been watching too many recruitment adverts.

    It takes a pretty specific type of person to value what the army can offer more than what kushti civvy street can - in my opinion anyway.

    Iraq, Afghanistan, the MOD and the constant bad press given to the army certainly doesn't help either.

    sadly all we hear now are deaths, cutbacks, underfunding and stretched but not overstretched
  11. Assume this figure is for all three services? Interesting to know what the breakdown is for manning and running AFCO's vs the media spend?

    Would anyone dare to predict a recruiting figure for NOT running a media campaign?

    Would the money be better spent on Cadet Training Teams and Army Youth Teams??

  12. Bet the mod is thinking one thing

    MOD- they have had enough money this century what shall we cut now!
  13. As it avoids facing some very unpleasant truths about the corner the Army has marched itself into and some searching questions about the decisions taken by their leaders.

    Lets face it nobody at the ** or *** level wants a full and frank, and possibly public, re-evaluation of the eventual outcomes of a well received report that secured their first star or gong are they?
  14. heres a grand idea spend £84,000,000 on retention and save the govt £1,000,000 for party fukc money.............. i wonder if we would still have a 19,000 pa turn around then!!!