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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eve1962, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. for a trust fund for every baby born since September 2002. But why should the likes of me (single, taxpayer, NO kids) have to help pay for a trust fund for other people's kids? And what about kids born to well off people? Do they also get this £250 "starter kit"?

    Bloody Labour government. Roll on 6th May.
  2. Because you don't get to pick and choose what your tax is used for. Perhaps because Labour have decided to try and woo back some voters that they have alienated in the last few years. Personally, it won't make the slightest difference to me and my vote.

    Errr, yes and the irony is that they will probably be the majority that actually do something with the money, rather than let the government's financial agents choose.

    If you don't like being single with no kids, I suggest that you post some decent pictures on your profile, rather than the 'potential axe murderer/stalker' ones that you have at the moment. 8O
  3. Same reason as I, married taxpayer x 2 (Mrs M) with child born before 2002, will pay.

    It's the way our country, and loads like it, works
  4. You really shouldn't "jump to conclusions" before posting catty comments. Never said I don't LIKE being single with no kids. Very happily single with no kids, through choice, thank you!!

    "ones"?????? You're obviously seeing double.
  5. Now now children.

    I have a family Eve, and I have received my £250 for my son.

    Also, I am probably on a higher tax band than you so....if you want to split hairs...I have contributed more than you have in tax.

    I wonder if you would be so concerned about tax payers money if you had children that would benefit...I doubt it somehow
  6. Whatever, doesn't warrant the catty comments. I'm only here stating my views and hoping to discuss in a grown-up manner with others. Thought the pathetic sling-throwing, child name calling type stuff should be left in the Naafi? Get out of bed the wrong side?
  7. Eve you seem very bitter at the moment??????

    Like Moody has said maybe if you had kids then you wouldn't be so concerned about tax payers money.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying out taxes for children's welfare. I certainly don't begrugde my percentage going towards education, schools, etc. I simply disagree with this type of thing. I don't feel taxpayers (whether they have children or not) should be expected to contribute towards others childrens' trust funds, that's all. It should be a personal thing that parents do or do not do for their children.
  9. And I don't like having to pay full rate council tax, while sad lonely women get 25% off cos they live alone with their cats....but I have to.

    It's life Eve...there are benefits and disadvantages for all. Quit bitch_in
  10. Not all parents will look out for thier childs benifits later in life, for this reason should that child suffer in 18 yrs time if they want to go uni etc etc if thier parents can't be arrsed or in some cases can't afford to send them??
  11. Probably a dyke, so unlikely to have kids. This'll also explain being 'happily single with no kids'.
  12. No, she's not a dyke. She was begging the Arrse lads to bang her back doors in a while back. :wink:
  13. Where does she live?
  14. Denmark Square in The Shot. You can't miss her, she's the one walking round in the kappa trackie bottoms reeking of stale cider and pi_ss