£2,605 Raised for the Royal British Legion 2006 Poppy Appea

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'd just like to let you know that I've just sent off cheques to the RBL for a total of £2,605. This site raised £2,500 from the charity auctions and donations whilst Kathy West raised an additional £105 on her site. Needless to say I consider this to be a fantastic effort by all concerned for a thoroughly excellent cause. I'd like to thank all those sponsors who donated items, those who coughed up dosh and all those other supported the auction through bidding or promoting the auctions.

Thanks again

:boogie: Excellent news! Well done all of us! :boogie:


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Good show arrsers! :D

Is the cash still destined to replenish the RBL coffers at Pitsea where the poppy seller was mugged? and more to the point has the piece of filth responsible been found and re-educated yet?

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Just to let you all know that we have received the following from the Royal British Legion:

Dear Sir,
It is with great pleasure that I write to confirm the safe receipt of the cheque for £2,500 received from the Army Rumour Service.

On behalf of the Royal British Legion we would like to thank you for this generous donation, which will go towards helping the Legion continue to provide the highest standards of care and assistance to the ex-Service community and their families all year round.

Would you also pass on our thanks to [the two donors from Kathy's site].

We note your comments concerning the attack on one of our poppy sellers, and thank you for your best wishes. We will most certainly ensure that your donation will be added to his total.

Once again, thank you for your donation, we could not continue our work without the help of generous supporters such as yourselves.

Yours sincerely .....
Makes it all worthwhile....

Thanks for posting BCO

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