£1m Royal Marine Ad withdrawn

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hetfield, May 31, 2008.

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  1. That advert is the gayest fcuking thing I have ever seen. It is gayer than Graham Norton in a pink dress felating Dale Winton whilst floating face down in Barrymore's pool. With a cock up his arse.
  2. good ad - don't bin it - dub it (even Klingon will do!)
  3. Saw this Ad at the cinema was on just before Rambo, quality advert and placed at the right place and time.
  4. It wouldn't make sense to withdraw this on the say-so of one Malaysian MP.
    Malaysian MPs as a group are monumentally worse than British MPs when it comes to talking nonsense.

    The ad doesn't make Malaysians look like terrorists because loads of people speak malay round that part of the world. Indonesians speak a langauge that is only very slightly different to malay and terrorists abound in indonesia (and Malaysia for that matter).

    Unless there were no plans to broadcast this ad anyway and the RN are just being opportunistic when they say they are withdrawing it.

    edited for accuracy.
  5. Couldn't we black and nasty his eyes and get Gerry Adams to do the voice-over?
  6. I think it is totally racist. In fact the whole British Army is racist. The name for a start - very exclusive. Then they discriminate against other countries by not letting them in. Why aren't more Malaysians allowed to join?

    I even saw a secret document that had a plan to kill Russians.
  7. A million quid for a advert that cant be used :roll: .Why did no c*nt run this past the thought police before giving it the green light?

    And if the shouty johnny type was in a dish-dash sporting a AK and a turban would that too be considered a unfair profiling?
  8. Quite a good advert, however I have to admit the bit where he says 'we come from the sea' sounds somewhat cheesy to me, maybe thats why they withrdrawn it aside from that they didnt need anymore recruits
  9. Same here - perfect timing! :D 8)
  10. It was a good ad, I too saw it at the cinemas the first time.

    When it first started up I thought it was a trailer for a new film! Shame it's had to be taken off although i'm glad to see it's done the job!

  11. Of course, one can understand the Malasian's being upset; there is absolutely no history of terrorism in that country... :roll:
  12. Now that is gay.
  13. Why did it cost a million quid! Didnt even have any big explosions

    Whoever did the commentry needs beating to death naked with a roll mat.
  14. quality ad