£1m legal aid barrister

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tropper66, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Howard GodfreyQC made £928,000 in 2008/9 from legal aid,ten other barristers earned £6,772,000. And nearly 1,000 criminal barristers earned over £100,000.FFS this zoo is really being run by the Chimps, but by F**k they a rich chimps, on Sky just now

    You can bet it wasn't for doing PTSD cases
  2. Fortunately, the vast majority of barristers on legal aid do not earn that much. Criminal work tops out at about £60,000 anually and family law isn't much better unless you are a truly exceptional barrister.
  3. Tropper

    I had a woman trip up over her own bloody feet in one of my buildings, she got 10K

    My wife was in a car accident some stupid cow runs into the side of her, six years later and a major back op she only got slightly more than this woman, only thing this woman got hurt was her feeelings.

    Fecking Ambulance Chasing Lawyers

  4. Litigation all the way! My old mans best mate earns over 100k PA and he is only a solicitor of 10 years.
    was a school teacher before that, earning Fcuk all.
  5. My bold: Fully agree :x
  6. Dont forget the number of the legal profession who are in westminster as MP's who love introducing the host of legislation dealing with the EU, 'uman rights, racial & multicultural bollocks etc! Its a case of jobs for the boys or I'm all right jack, f..k the rest of you! Blairs wife and her chambers are just one example of the Millions made out of this nonsense! :x :x