£18m deal for Ross? He isnt worth it, says leading agent

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. I agree, i don't think the pricks funny
  2. I think he has talent - £6M per annum sounds a bit over the top but just look at the stars in Septic Land who get that per episode! Maybe we are getting value for money?
  3. Have to agree with the agent but good luck to the phonetically challenged gimp.
  4. TV licence payers fork out for the BBC to provide educational, current affairs, politically neutral and completely unbiased selection of programmes for which it does not or will not endorse either overtly or covertly any product.....REALY!

    What you get for your money..........
    News and current affairs that should only be in red tops when our comrades are injured or killed in the sandpit or elsewhere just watch where this is placed in terms of headlines on the news.... probably after a CELEBs lost dog or model breaks up with hubby.
    as for Ross he and no one is worth that amount especially from a public? service. The Government obviously wont touch them because of the tax they are raking in.

    Yet we are not complaining about this so it must be like all things in this Cuntry acceptable... we have gone from a people that once fought for right and good for all to one that lays down and allows anyone to stick it up us.
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.
    Train Hard Fight Easy.
  5. I'm so glad my licence money is put to good use. He can be amusing but thats an obscene amount of money. I resent paying anything to the BBC any way, the only thing I watch on their chanels is Dr Who.
  6. 'He isn't worth it says leading agent.'

    Compare it with how much Paxman is paid. I agree, Ross isn't worth it, but from Auntie's point of view if he isn't working for them he'll be attracting viewers to ITV. Paxman on the other hand has rather too much integrity to work for independant television :)
  7. Ross is toss...and worth less than that.
  8. I agree with every word you write, you are bitter and twisted like me! :wink: My tuppence: £18million, good reason to become a capitalist country. Jail rich folk!
  9. football players get paid a lot more and none of them are funny!