£15000 Commitment Bonus

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Brown has just announced in The House a 15k Commitment Bonus for 'some long-serving military personnel'.


    No news on who or how it will be aimed.

    No doubt aimed at all the wrong people yet again.

    Also '£20m fund to help armed forces purchase homes.'

    Hmmmm. :roll:
  2. And yet I feel not the slightest hope that any of it will come my way!
  3. Or it will be aimed at the 'right people' but with 20 obscure qualifying hoops to jump through, which most will not be able to do.
    Cynical, moi?
  4. I wonder if it is all at once and up front? In the U.S. Army it is usually in increments and isn't tax free unless you reenlist in a combat zone.
  5. Gizzit! I need the cash, and I need committing...
  6. My guess is it will be something like the old aircrew FRI.

    In which case it will be £15k before tax to commit to at least 5 years.

    Hmm that works out at about £6.50 extra a day.

    Where do I sign?? :roll:
  7. I reckon it a quid each for everyone of the 15000 TA rumoured (on other threads) to still have jobs after this review.......
  8. datow, just seen your link and it looks even more pants than my speculation.

    At 8 year point some may be eligable to £15k (Commitment Bonuses are a taxable lump sum and are subject to National Insurance contributions.)
  9. and nothing for anyone over 8 years me thinks.........
    guess we all miss out again and just have to stay for our pensions..... oh and for the love of the job horah the corp!!
  10. Yes, everything is geared towards the sprog nowadays. Z Type Accn, cafeteria style cookhouses and naafi bars. It seems the more senior you get the crappier the deal. Oh well, at least they are attempting to get us all on the housing ladder. Hey, I just thought. Being as the Government is now in charge of Northern Rock, they could arrange a low percentage mortgage rate for servicemen, deductable at source, with builders being financially encouraged to develop more affordable homes.

    I would gladly show my arrse in Harrods window if they did that. :)
  11. basically just increases to the existing commitment bonuses for junior ranks and the housing bit is likely to turn out to be piffle! So nothing there for long serving SNCOs or anything at all for Officers.
  12. see if after 12-15 years you got 15k then that wouls be the deposit for the house you would now need for your wife and kids..... not just give it away in the first 8 years to lets face it piss it up the wall.
    or are they hoping that the single guys of 5-8 years will piss it up in PAYD Units so it will go back to uints via gainshare......... am i sounding sour yet?
  13. i wrote p*ss it not urine.......... :x
  14. Whats the betting that those who are eligable have to be SAS trained para-commando PTI with fire NCO training or some other long winded bollocks.

    As to the treatment of seniors everyone knows that very few are ever going to sign off so they don't have to keep you happy.