£1120 a month accom charges?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Danny_Dravot, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Bored this afternoon, started reading archived letters to Soldier Mag...

    saw this one below, from a disgruntled chap who claims to be paying £1120 a month in accom charges? Surely a typo, and should read £120 a month? But its repeated a coupled of times and surely nobody with half a brain would complain about paying £120 a month for rent incl utilities?

    Anybody shed any light on this?

    Below extracted from SoldierMag website?

    clicky linky thing

    £1,120 a month for my room is bit steep

    I WAS explaining to a young private the new format for our pay statement and noticed he was paying only £70 a month for his quarter. I asked about the cost of quarters from colleagues and found they ranged from £67 to £250. So why do I pay £1,120 for one room with a shower? Some pay less for a three bed-roomed house.

    I understand the cheaper quarter charges reflect the condition of these houses, but £1,120 a month for a room is expensive. I still have council tax and utility bills to pay, and a mortgage. – Name and address supplied.

    Brig Jamie Gordon, DPS(A), responds: You have answered your own question: charges for both married and single accommodation (those for single accommodation include utilities charges) are significantly affected by the condition it is in. Charges are set by the AFPRB. They are abated when compared with the commercial market to take account of lack of choice and so on.
  2. Mongs at Soldier by the looks. It seems to me he is complaining that some people paying less than £120 a month for a 3 bedroom house.
  3. Then he's missing the point...pads pay utilities and much higher CILOCT....

    a case of dry your eyes i think!!!
  4. It must be Z type he pays almost four times more than I do and my accomodation is ok.
  5. I live in SLAM and its only £60 a month so christ know where numpty nuts is living, Possibly a Sgt's Mess SLAM Block?
  6. If he can afford that a month I going to re-enlist thats more than I take home after stoppages. Sergeant where's that dotted line?
  7. Think the point he is making is that he has a mortgage - and that is £1100 per month and that in comparison, our accomodation charges are rather cheap!! :D