£110 Million Euro Lottery

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by flynavy, May 8, 2009.

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  1. If by chance you were the lucky one and won the 110 mill, would you set any of the money aside and help out your serving oppos? ie kit them out with some desirable kit or even buy them some decent transport if the MOD allowed it?

    Just had this conversation at work with all the usual saying they would leave the next day, but one chap says he would return to work on the monday and rub their nose in it until the day he left!
  2. Might do your idea.

    Would certainly draw up a list of all the Armed Forces Charities and make sure that every single one got a hefty cut of my money. Much better to know that the cash is actively doing good rather than just sitting in a bank account.
  3. Have to agree with that and I'd be in to work on Monday, have to be a taxi though as I'd still be somewhat Bat-Faced. To see their little poor faces as I hand over the resignation letter and then sit back and do the absolute minimum until my notice was up.
  4. When i win it tonight, i'm donating £50m to Charity, and then using the other £60m to become a politician/Prime Minister, i will then deport all the poncing undesirables (inc foreign footballers who don't pay Tax), then i'll use the tax payers money to kit out the Forces
  5. If you win (you won't - I will, but for arguments sake let's run with it), be careful what charities you donate to. Some are not really charities at all, some are no more than Government quangos and paid stooges.

    Fake Charities

    Military charities are the ones I would (and will once I pick up the £100M cheque next week) aim at. :D
  6. Why wait? Much more fun to see how far you could go before being shown the door.

    For starters roll in at 10.00, coffee & nibbles, read the paper, delete some useless emails, swan off for lunch at 12.00, roll back at 14.30, delete a few more useless emails, have a pointless meeting or two and bugger off at 16.00. Oh wait........
  7. terroratthepicnic

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    Someone will win it tonight, but they will be living in either Ireland, Spain or France. There is no way anyone in this country will be winning the jackpot in the Euro millions.

    But if by chance I did win, a hefty amount would be heading towards H4H and MDN. I would also sit at work for the next week, refusing to work but have my online banking screen up showing how much I don't need to work. Then every hour I will be shouting how much interest I made in that hour.
    During my lunch break I will probably go and buy a new car, not sure what yet and probably a house or 2. Might as well get a property portfolio going.
  8. Single ticket in Spain won it, apparently.
  9. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
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    Shock horror, the most someone won in the UK was 244K. I'm sure it's fixed to make sure nobody over here wins the jackpot. it's like the European Union, they all want us to pay into it, but don't want to give anything back.
  10. Hmm, wouldn't give to charity since as the Goverment robs most of the donations in tax, i would however ask the charity what equipment etc was needed and buy it for them instead.
    Then after waving the cheque ( loadsamoney style ) in my boss's and families faces, i would be off round the world with an empty suitcase....empty because i would simply buy new outfits at every destination :D
    And no...not one family member would get a penny :twisted: