£100,000,000 Olympics money to build MEGA mosque

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rictic, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. Subject: £100,000,000.00 on another Mosque??

    This is NOT a joke. If you would like this plan to proceed, then do nothing.

    If you think that the British taxpayers money would be wiser spent elsewhere
    and this is not in the interests of the majority of the British people, then
    you need to vote against this proposal.

    Mosque to be built for London Olympics

    cost £100m

    The plan is for the mosque to be so big that people flying in from all
    over the world for the 2012 Olympics will it see it as the biggest
    landmark in London , bigger than St Pauls, Westminster Abbey or Wembley
    Stadium. Take a second to cast your vote in The on-line poll to
    determine public opinion about whether a mega mosque should be built for
    the Olympics.

    The vote so far is *57*% in favour. It looks like the Muslim community
    is casting its vote in droves

    After voting, forward this to as many people as you wish. Here's the

  2. Hasn't planning permission already been turned down for this?
  3. I think you're correct. In fact if I remember rightly, this has nothing to do with he games except that it is on a site where they also want to build some sporting venue. I also seem to remember that it wasn't a particularly popular scheme with many British Moslems.
  5. Sorry fellas
    I've not logged in for a while, busy earning a living, so hadn't seen the other threads.