£10 donation to save a child,yet again.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BaldBaBoon, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. A pleading voice from out of the crowd normally indicates your being stalked,a little trembling timbre to the voice showing how much emotion the speaker is trying to contain while doing their social duty to collect for their charity.

    " Please,can anyone spare £10 to feed a child in ( insert country )...its a tiny amount and you could save a life "

    ( Actually £10 is quite a lot when your not working,and even when I am flush with money I do not give to these charities as a rule )

    The charities even use underhand tactics like using females with a pulse,then top it off with them being normally young student types,pretty and dressed all bohemian like......playing on my damn scutbag,hippy chick fantasies.

    I do not give to these charities because I believe and know that so little of the actual donation goes to the advertised starving ( insert country ) orphan.During my time I have had the oppurtunity to work either with or near a lot of these International Aid agencies and charities in such shiteholes as Bosnia and Kosovo and have seen first hand where the money is.Those that have served,have a think to these yourselves.

    In Bosnia seeing these legions of " Charity administrators " hurtling about in their brand new 3 litre mitsubihi shogans ( with dozens of spare vehicles parked up ),while being paid substantial tax free wages and doing nothing more than seeing Aid being dumped at the nearest safe zone rather than the areas that needed it sticks in your craw....thats where most of the £10 goes for a start.

    The charities refusal to organise with each other or accept the help or advice of the Military forces in the area resulted in endless problems or stranded charity convoys getting in the shite or multiple convoys all delivering the exact same types of aid to the same area...with the surplus then being sold on the black market.....or even the huge over stocking at Split docks resulting in aid being burned to make way for new deliveries.

    Some of the isolated areas only received help or aid due to the military convoys actually doing it....Always stand by the thinking that if you are delivering aid,the only way to ensure that food reaches the intended is to escort the entire trip and give that aid into the hands of the needy....by a British Soldier.

    I do support Charities that do their job,The Royal British Legion without question and H4H,and other civillian charities where the results speak for their words.

    Maybe I am totally wrong and times have change,and they have all got their act together.
  2. Wholeheartedly agree with you.

    Charity begins at home...where you can see the benefit...RBL, H4H, local charity (CHAS comes to mind) or even popping a few quid into the nearest kiddies hospital...damn...in the NAAFI, this could get ugly...the money is for the kiddies...for stuff....

    Stopping now before hole gets deeper.

  3. Next time a 'chugger' stops you,remember these two questions.

    How much commission is said chugger getting paid?
    How much is the Chief Executive of said charity getting paid?
  4. And how much of each pound given will directly reach the child?
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Or better, look them up and down slowly and say: Wow, you've got a great body, my mate is a glamour photographer so if you would like to earn some serious money for <insert charity>, here's his number.

    P.S. Will give out my mob via PMs ;)
  6. Starting the Summer ball search early this year are we MSR? :D
  7. I would never give to a charity that is for african children.

    Africans just breed and breed and breed. In the next 50 years the population of subsaharan africa is expected to increase by 25% - 30%.

    Africans need tough love and the kindest thing to do is let natural selection run its course. Soon we are going to have to start culling them, or castrating every 3rd African.

    Thats gives me an idea for a business, we could sell package hunting holidays for wealthy Europeans, arm them with shotguns and cull as many africans as possible in a given season (whatever months africans are at their horniest).

  8. I'm afraid I give short shrift to charity collectors.
    I put money on the Poppy Apeal tin and as a rule thats it, although I do confess to chucking a few quid in the bucket at Tesco's a week or two ago when there was collecting for the Army Benevolent Fund
    To many of these charities have massive admin costs and huge payroll's.
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Your dead on with the gravy train that is charities

    I do recall some part time secretary caught with her fingers in the till of 1 charity about 20 years ago

    The nigglin bit was she was paid 24K A YEAR for being a part time sec FFS.

    For how many peeps was that way beyond their full time earnings :x
  11. Town is usually full of chuggers these days. Theres a longish pedestrianised bit where they work in 2 teams, one at the top and one at the bottom. As i work in town i get 'got' all the time. Be it Save the Children/Aged/small fluffy animals. The other day i caught them doing their warm up exercises which consisted of some stunning 25 ish year old blondy blondy talking aload of team building bollocks to her pals!. Its taken me 3 years but they now leave me alone.....
  13. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Hols4H has no overheads, just peoples' time. :wink:

    You are absolutely right, though. There is a distressing level of 'overhead costs' which make me very nervous about many of these Charities. I don't need to be funding Executive cars, and posh offices, and pension schemes before any of my money gets to where it's needed to be.

    I'll stick to my basic list ...

    and RNLI.

    Africa etc. can sort their own lives out. I had to.
  15. As can I. So what's life like for an old-fashioned racist these days?