£10,000 payout for turban row Pc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Not plods week is it?

    Heart wrenching stuff;

    Source: BBC

    I think one word covers this...

    <clears throat>


    (1) This may be pluralised for the members of the tribunal.
  2. Lucky really cause had he had to attend a real riot and lost a leg or something he might only have got a couple of quid!
  3. Does this mean next time he is riot trained he is allowed to wear his turban?

    And this turban catch fire or fail to provide the neccesary protection during traing or attendance at a mass disturbance, will any claims for compo be invalidated by this action for hurty feely?
  4. Thats £10,000 less to spend on fighting crime!

    I wonder how much he would have been paid had he bean hit on the head with a glass bottle/brick/baton/shield during training.
  5. Gobshite, but then again when offered 10 grand who in the right mind would turn it down. He's probably laughing his c ock off, just goes to show how fecked up this sorry excuse for a country is.
  6. I’ll have you all know that the modern Kevlar turban is a match for the MK7 combat helmet any day! :roll:
  7. I remember when the motorcyle helmet law first came in donkey's years ago. There was a Sikh chappie who refused to wear a helmet to ride his moped as he said it was against his religion to remove his turban. He was on That's Life with Esther Rantzen and eveything.
    They had a Sikh leader from the local temple come on the news who said it was nonsense and actually that their religion only forbad them to cut their hair. So the turban excuse is a non story. Sounds like someone's been telling porkies and getting a payout over it.
  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    There was a Sikh in training with me who always took off his turban for sports, just ran around with his hair tied up in a topknot with a switch of white cotton. Absolute demon at hockey too. Also I have seen various pics of Sikhs in Burma in WW2 in tin hats. What I have never seen is anyone in a turban on a motorbike.
  9. Barking Spider Your Signature is Ace!
  10. Apparently the law was changed in 1976 to accomodate Sikhs to wear turbans on motorcycles and mopeds.

    Found a couple of links which made me smile:

    Turban Helmet

    Sikh policemen to get bulletproof turbans so they can join firearms units.

    It also appears that there are different 'levels' of Sikh religion where some of them forbid the removal of the turban and others are more relaxed about it. Apparently Monty Panesar the cricketer wears a special hat/turban/thingy for playing cricket.
  11. fecking outrageous...
  12. Do the courts think that Sikh fighter pilots wear a turban instead of a helmet? The court decision stinks, Sikhs just need a head covering, not a turban.

    BTW - have you ever been totally frustrated by enormous security queues at airports, and some jumped up twerp stealing your toothpaste, because you have 105 ml instead of 100 ml? Well aren't you pleased that Sikhs can take knives (kirpans) through security and onto aircraft?
  13. Don't be a knob and start down that route. Just because this pleb is throwing a spanner in the works doesn't mean we can start ranting that kind of bollox. So what if they can do that. Another exapmle being Jocks can stick knives in their socks but they don't always do it.

  14. And my religion demands that I carry a 12-bore at all times. One rule for one, and another for others?
  15. Sounds as if he was engaged in Turban combat :)