£80000 for a MC

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pox_Dr, May 12, 2007.

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  1. I know poeple go through a lot to be awarded this & similar & that some fall on hard times & sell their gongs, but £80000!

    Is he living in cloud cuckoo land! or are their collectors etc that will pay this sort of money.

    EBay £80000 MC
  2. Seems a wee bit steep, but you never know what people will pay for stuff.
    Tis a sad thing when a man has to sell his gongs.
  3. smell a rat!
  4. walt alert
  5. Who is & what is, someone selling his gong wheres the Walt!!
  6. Does this sound like the language of a professional soldier to you?

    Also, Snatch in Baghdad?

  7. there are snatch in baghdad. iv been to baggers and there were snatch when i was there.

    why wouldnt there be?
  8. £25,000 yes. £80,000 no. And yes, there are collectors who would pay that... and do regularly at auction.
  9. Yup i know that there are snatch in baghdad? but does anybody ever remember a Snatch being hit by an IED and ambushed in Baghdad

    BF....the only MCs i can find that were awarded for action in 2005 were for action in Al Muthana, not Baghdad....thoughts
  10. Also, his text says he's got the ISAF medal...not seen but there is the Afghan OSM....
  11. £80k for the medal & he still wants to charge 10 quid for postage!!!! Fake alert everyone.
  12. There seems so many things wrong with this - but if it is true - the bloke needs some help.

    Can an historian make the checks necessary to see if this 'MC' was gazetted etc.?

    Any serving/retired soldier recognise him from his picture with HM?
  13. His location on eBay is Inverness, Highland, United Kingdom

    I think this may be the guy

    BBC MC Awarded

    It states "was awarded the Military Cross for his actions during a machine gun ambush involving suicide bombers and gunmen in Baghdad last year."
  14. Yes I think your're right. The profile with HM seems to match with full face photo.

    In which case immense respect and congratulations to cpl. T..... C......
    Only sorry that you find yourself in a position that you feel that you have to dispose of your MC.

    Can anybody help here? seniors perhaps? It just seems wrong for an MC winner to have to come to this - for whatever reason in just two years.

    He is still serving apparently - can his regiment help him?

  15. Bit late for persec? :wink: