£714 to deliver boots to a squaddie!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Bet the were the wrong size as well
  2. Nothing new is it?

    I remember when we came back from TA CIC, about 50 of us from the same battalion were told that our unit transport had fallen through and we were all to get the train. That meant 50 rail warrants for £100 tickets, plus everyone's bergens, webbing, daysacks, and all green kit that couldn't be stowed in the black holdall, put in MFO boxes and individually sent by next day (???why???) TNT courier back to our respective TACs. Seem to remember when I got my MFO box back it was about £50 worth of postage. Yes, not quite £714 but that means between the lot of us we racked up about £7500 worth of expense which could have been solved hiring a civvy coach or sending 2 or 3 drivers in minibuses.

    I don't understand the army at all. We have low loaders and low loader drivers, trained to move challys on their low loaders. Yet, exercise week turns up, and half the vehicles get moved on civvy low loaders at 10 times the cost. We have RE-trained electricians, plumbers, bricklayers.. and so on; and tons of plant machinery... get if you want so much as a toilet block built, it's a civvy contractors job at 10 times the cost. Royal Signals have computer people and phone people and what not... but do they maintain the networks on camps? Course not, why would we do that when we can get a civvy contractor at 10x the cost? The list goes on, and on, and on.

    Despite the fact that the Army is a rare example of a company that could be almost completely self sufficient, everything minus actual warry stuff seems to be done by civvies.
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  3. Except for grub...I dont think we have any qualified CHEFS in the Army, well no one whos passed the course anyway.
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  4. I DON'T BELEEEVE IT! No I really don't. Short of having a personal courrier go there in a stretched limmo I don't see how the costs would break down.
  5. Iron, you Scunny Cunny, are we to be graced with thy esteemed
    presence at the Wakey Social?
  6. Unfortunately not as Im not around that neck of the woods......

    Just read the article and I believe its more of a whinging MP trying to whine about the MOD due to him not being able to make false expenses claims anymore...maybe his wife as had a one night stand with a squaddie. I do hope his claim is looked at and hes made to look a fool as he hasnt produced any evidence.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    MP's have got a neck after what they get up too with expenses !!!
  8. That's why they are bitch slapping their mates the jurno's
  9. I heard that if you pass the course you get sent to the RAF.
  10. Right. The unit in NI demanded the boots on a priority code that meant immediate delivery by the quickest possible means. The supply chain is not resourced, or mandated, to question demands or their priority. So - boots were sent by quickest possible means = very pricey.

    I can't imagine the headlines if they hadn't been supplied on time - 'Supply Chain Fails Our Boys' etc etc ad nauseam.

    Oh, and this is fact, not supposition, unlike the comments of the MP.

    But don't worry, SPS 06 is under review to drive out this kind of unit behaviour..................but it will take time.
  11. My bet is it's true and starts with Aspire.

    I've seen a bill raised for more than that for damages to a building that was due for demolition.

    We shouldn't be throwing stones at MPs from our glasshouse.
  12. It is true. The real question is why a unit demanded a pair of boots on 'same day delivery'. There's clearly a question on how costly it is, but there's also a need to seriously grip unit QMs.
  13. Because wearing trainers for a day or two would have been just too upsetting for the badge to have to witness.
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