£70 to fill up the car!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. With the announcement of higher fuel duty and the new higher 20% VAT now implemented, the cost to fill up the average family car in this country has now soared to around £70.

    The question is ........... Can and will society tolerate this, and at which point does the "cut off line" come before society becomes overwhelmingly hostile and starts to take action against these "rip off" fuel prices ?
  2. 70 quid to fill up the car with what? Romanian children???
  3. Yes, that's right bird brain.
  4. Trouble is that we're British so we'll just roll over and suck it up like we always do. I think we need the hauliers to sort another fuel protest, seemed to work last time for about a year...
  5. My car I think takes 18 gallons so considerably more than £70. We whine about the price but do nothing. Imagine the French paying the same, the ports would be blockaded - then they will be anyway.
  6. The hauliers went very quiet, I was led to believe, by many veiled threats to their businesses by people who work in iffy departments of our great government.

    Another honest protest stifled.
  7. This is a copy of an email I have received this morning.
  8. I saw an article in the gruniad about there being rumblings of a march in London by Police of a possible march against reductions in force numbers... Now is the winter of our discontent...
  9. £70? I ******* wish. £128 to fill mine with diesel now. The coming duty rise will stick another £4 or so on that.
  10. squeekingsapper

    squeekingsapper LE Reviewer

    I remember the last time that the prices crept up, someone said that all it would take is for everyone in the Country to boycott just one company (shell or esso) until they dropped their prices back to a decent level as the others would follow suit just to keep your business.

    I also seem to remember a few years back there were two forecourts up north somewhere that kept trying to undercut eachother to the extent where they were both making a loss and were being subsidised by the parent companies to remain open and competitive with the other firm.
  11. I suggest that society stops demanding so many free lunches from HMG. Remove your children from state education, yourself and your family from state health care, and wave your rights to any form of welfare and/or income support.

    Then they wouldn't have to tax you so much.

    I know some individuals have already done this and yet still have to pay the high taxes. The problems is societal not individual. Society has chosen to 'allow' spending largesse by government, and until society places into power a government prepared to really chop the budget, then it'll be taxed to death.
  12. nutter !.....
  13. Ive got a toyota Yaris... 1 litre for a runaround, £40 to fill up just gone to around £45. trouble is cant fit the kids in without sawing their legs off... plus its a birds car and driving it makes me feel like a eunuch.
  14. Considering how much revenue the Government receives in fuel duty their hardly going to back down & remember it's due to rise 5p in April,

    I did read in a media source that 3000 fuel tanker drivers are to ballot to strike in protest also,

    Fuel is expected to rise derv: £1.50 & unleaded respectively by the summer, it's only a matter of time before firms go under.
  15. I was at a Toyota dealer last weekend as my other half will be getting a new company car and he wanted to look at the options. If I did higher mileage id be getting a prius I was very pleasantly surprised when I looked at them.