£70,000 a year & No job?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. I'm in the wrong job, pay taxes & conform to society.
    Mrs Sponger does not & lives like a princess!
    And as this is the naafi no i would not, even with yours!!!

    'Why should I go to work when my benefits are worth £70,000 a year?'
    Mother-of-three refuses to get a job because she is better off without one.

    Sharon "The Sponger" Minkin, 49, says she cannot find a job that pays the same as benefits.
    Lives in a semi-detached house, drives a 4x4 and has a 42" flatscreen TV.
    Was qualified accountant on £120,000 a year but has not worked for 18 years.
    Benefits she receives are equivalent to earning £70,000 a year before tax.

    Taken from the Daily Wail @ Sharon Minkin refuses to get a job because she is better off on benefits | Mail Online
  2. I know its the Mail but did she not think that she would get a little bit of antagonistic attitude to her plight. University is not a right it is earned and if they are good enought to go she needs to support it by selling the dogs, getting a smaller car and sub letting the kids room when they are away. Oh yeah that's what the rest of us have to do or at least something similar.
  3. She didn't set up the system.

    What sort of fucked up system pays people more to sit on their backside than if they go to work?
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  4. she should spend more on plastic surgery.
  5. She could manage Josie Cunninghams new career and share plastic surgeons
  6. How many pies a week can you buy in Waitrose for £230?
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  7. Depends if you buy the £2.99 pies or £5.49 pies You do the maths.

    You searched for Pie
  8. You beat me to it VM
  9. My wife says I do everything very quickly.
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  10. I dunno, stick her in a rubber one piece with one of those zippy hoods on her head that has "slut" crayoned on it ............ and well, <cough>, errrrrr, where was I.......

    Those feckin dogs must eat a shitload of pies every week, get rid of them and there would be more money in the bank.

    If she was a [chartered] accountant on 120K 18 years ago, she should be able to minimally set herself up doing tax returns or accounts for small business. She could stick her toe into the employment market through one of the specialist accountancy firms temp agencies and probably pick up around 70k. The Mrs used to have accountants in their mid to late 20's earning 60K - 80K, its not that hard if you are qualified.
  11. She actually receives 32,800 quid a year, benefits and housing.

    The 70 grand figure is her totting up what she would need to find to continue life as is and afford to get her kids through uni

    Obviously a smart woman, who has done the maths

    You gonna blame her or blame the socialist piles of shit that built the system with fuck all regard for the consequences.
  12. Mind you must be hard having to share a bathroom. Wonder how the ex gets away with a pittance of a maintenance payment or is he on the dole as well?
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    If she is receiving £32k from the State and she is paying her Executive Gardener, how is she feeding her children?
  14. Those dogs are fricking huge..the pet food alone must run up quite a bill...

    But yeah, the situation in the UK is a little bit out of the whack. Like I said to an English colleague of mine, " You're better off in the U.K. if you're poor or disadvantaged, you're better off in the U.S. if you are the average working family...."