£65 million contract to refit Royal Navy's largest warship secures hundreds of UK job

Ministry of Defence said:
HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy's largest warship which played a starring role during the London 2012 Olympics, will receive a £65 million upgrade, the MOD announced today (12 December).

"…ship that's been flogged to death gets a lick of paint and a band-aid…" wouldn't have quite the same ring.
Even so 15 months is a long time for a surface ship refit.
You'd think that somebody would have told MoD_RSS that their website address had changed.

The link provides this:

[h=1]The website for the Ministry of Defence has been replaced by GOV.UK[/h] On 13 December 2012 the website for the Ministry of Defence was replaced by gov.uk/mod, which is now the best place to find government services and information.
Thanks, I couldn't be bothered this time.

The warship was moored on the Thames during the London 2012 Olympic Games and provided essential security support and a home for hundreds of military personnel responsible for venue security.

...around 1,200 metres of new pipework will be laid and around 100,000 litres of paint will be applied to HMS Ocean.


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that and they only need one crew of polish painters
Now that mod.uk is no more, where will the RSS feeds come from?


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65 million for a refit? they could have bought the ark royal for less than that :)

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