£5000 Commitment Bonus for Regulars Joining TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Travelgall, Apr 17, 2013.

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  1. Don't suppose the payment is backdated is it? Good for Recruitment?
  2. Ask your PSI.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Not an 'ask your PSI' question...

    As part of the on-going incentivisation of Regulars to join the Territorial Army (TA), a new Commitment Bonus (CB) for ex-Regular Officers (Capts and below) and Other Ranks in the early part of their TA service has been implemented. There is also a CB for Direct Entrant Junior Officers in Group A Territorial Army units.

    The new Commitment Bonus for ex-Regular Officers (Capt and below), Other Ranks and Group A Direct Entrant Junior Officers, who join the TA is called the ‘TA Commitment Bonus – Early Years’ and started on 1st April 2013. The scheme aims to improve retention of ex-Regular Junior Officers and Other Ranks in the TA and is worth a maximum of £5000, paid over 4 payments. The scheme will provide an initial payment of a £2000 lump sum (known as Key Milestone (KM)1), and three staged annual payments of £1000 (each paid on completion of an individual’s Annual Training Commitment, known as KM 2-4), tax payable, for eligible personnel who complete specified training requirements.

    Further details of this scheme can be found in the PS10 ‘TA Commitment Bonus – Early Years’ Administration Instructions that were published in late March 2013, which can be found in Unit Administration Offices. Scheme entry is scheduled to run over the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2016.

    There are 3 separate instructions; one for each of the distinct cohorts who can access the scheme published on the PS10(A) Defence Intranet Page.
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  4. In a sense yes, But only to 5 July 2012

    Basic criteria for an OR is:

    1. Join TA after 5 July 2012
    2. At least 4 yrs service
    3. No more than 6 yrs since leaving
    4. Medically fit (MFD or MLD)
    5. No outstanding military discipline action
    6. Exemplary rated service

    However places are limited to 2137 or until TA reaches 95% (which ever comes first) and not guaranteed

    Officers have a different set of rules but basically the same, major exceptions are no LEs (not that they are barred, just don't qualify for the scheme), max rank of Capt and limited to 144 roles or Jnr Officer recruiting hits 95%

    Please note there is also a Junior officer incentive which may impact reg officers joining

    As msr states this is in 4 key Milestones which are linked to both rank and role
  5. :jocolor:yes -ask the PSI, always a good idea, renowned for their work ethic and admin skills:rofl:
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  6. Cheers trig.
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  7. Quick unrelated (ish) question:

    Does anyone know the current numbers for the Army Reserve: total number, trained strength and undergoing training?

    Also does anyone know if there's any data available for the percentage of soldiers leaving the Regular Army and joining the Army Reserve? If so, can you provide the data or give a link to it?

    Many thanks.
  8. The freedom of information act, an experienced statistician and a few analysts will sort you out in no time at all.
  9. 42
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  10. There is no point whatsoever in chasing these types of figures. If you had asked " ......................percentage of soldiers leaving the Regular Army and joining the Army Reserve who still remain active after joining" then that would help you underpin the actual transfer stats more effectively.

    Example: A pal of mine visited a Bn recently whereby the hierarchy was proud to announce to him that 12 Regular guys had joined their Army Reserve ranks in the last 36-month period. That sounds great, in principle, but of that figure only one remained active and he was unemployed; 1 had to leave on med grounds, 4 had lasted less than 6-months and 6 had been issued their kit but were never seen again.

    ............so what fact/figure/statistic would you use for that example?
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