£50,000 earners should pay more tax, says Nick Clegg

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Well, the betterer offs expect us not so betterer off to pay more tax, fairs, fair and all that.
  2. Way to go Nick. Discouraging personal and business ambition is exactly what this country needs.
    I wonder if Charles Kennedy has been giving him drinking lessons?
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  3. Think about who earns over £50,500 a year first...
  4. My manager who's just been parachuted into a higher grade post after their current one was abolished?
  5. £50k is barely enough to run a family in London and already puts you in the 40% tax bracket, what is this c**t thinking?

    Added to that, a lot of those families will be due to fork out on tuition fees too, but that's ok, Nick apologised.....
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  6. Liberal Democrats announce coalition with Flat Earth Society

  7. Isn't 40% already too much?
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  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

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  9. For someone earning £50,000 the current tax bill is more than enough and in comparison to other competing countries the tax bill for a similar salary is way, way more.

    Never mind - I find the generic socialism and lack of visison to be won of the more interesting aspects of the "coalition" In some ways I actually prefer not to have any way of choosing between Labour/Conservative or Lib Dem in terms of doctrine.
  10. From the miiitary perspective more of us will be in the 40% tax bracket sooner than you think - whilst Clegg is saving the poor by raising the tax allowance threshold (amount you can earn before paying tax) hes sneekily dropping the 40% threshold at the same time to bring more people into the high tax bracket - a senior high band staffy is very close to the current threshold but with future drops he definetly will be! - another point to consider is that any savings you may have in the bank should also have their interest taxed at 40%
  11. And this is the tax band paying the lions share in the treasury coffer already! Has he not heard of killing the golden goose.

    Stupid man.
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  12. A friend of mine is semi-retired, he's a nurse and I wanted him to do some locum work. Wouldn't do it as he'd be paying 40% tax on it and he's already given another part-time job up for the same reason.
  13. Well, at least this this pronouncement from the Sandals and Beard Party, there is absolutely no risk of them being re-elected - even as part fo a coalition.
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  14. Easy to avoid this tax rise; just quit your job and take a post collecting supermarket trolleys. Imagine how you'll laugh in glee and triumph when some luckless trolley-mong gets your old job and has to suffer the indignity of paying 50% tax.
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