£5,000 a year between now and 2050, per person, on your energy bills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Legallybald, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. It's nothing to do with 'saving the planet' and everything to do with raising tax.
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  2. Not a problem at all with a 1% pay rise in 2013!

    The Green meanies obviously don't want to get elected is all I can say.
  3. The great man speaks, and removes any doubt ...

    U.N. Official Admits: We Redistribute World’s Wealth by Climate Policy | TheBlaze.com

    Homepage of Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer — PIK Research Portal
  4. Not even bothered to read the article but is some of the green agenda not common sense? We can't continue to consume at the rate we are doing and expect the Earth will support us. Common sense suggests that things will start to run out and substitutes for those things are finite.
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  5. Good to see an educated opinion put forward.

    It would make sense to substitute our existing power generation with something that's reliable, rather than a series of unproven, unreliable and backed-up technologies. Nuclear maybe? Shale gas perhaps?

    Or 5k/yr on your back?
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  6. Move to Cyprus where you don't need quite as much heating and the locals hate any taxes being invented. You know it makes sense.
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  7. I'd agree with your post however the Euro is the downside,

    Now Asia on the hand ;-)
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  8. Or ensure our houses are built to a desig that is insulated and easily warmed, rather than easy to build.
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  9. I haven't bothered to read your post. I was going to, but my anti-moron filter blocked it.
  10. It is interesting that the common sense proposition that eventualy we WILL run out of finite commodities such as gas, oil or coal is completely ignored, whilst the 'conspiracy' of wealth re-distribution etc is readily accepted by the plebs.

    We need to look at our energy expenditure. Not only for Green purposes, but also the simple fact that our domestic supplies are finite. After we have used our last will we wage war to fine more?

    Popultion size would be a good start too.
  11. We are only giving the dictators in Africa one billion to combat 'global warming' (politicians' code for: buying Mercedes vehicles and villas in France) - why so little?

    If we binned the NHS we could give the corrupt dictators much, much more. How about we leave the other 'con-trick' played on us, the EU? That would save billions and we could then give the African criminals even more.

    The problem with 'global warming' in Africa is simple: it is the fvcking Sun and not even Bliar could smarm his greasy way into making that little star cool down a bit!
  12. Is it that simple?

    It could also be due to the Polar ice caps melting more fresh water in to the Oceans and Seas, thus stopping the various underwater currents such as the 'Atlantic Conveyor' (not the one exocetted in 1982).

    Thermohaline currents remove warmed water from African coasts, warmed by the very land. In fact the Eastern Coast of Africa actually has a cool current direct from the Antartic cooling that area down. So, we have higher temperatures on the African continent causing drought and other disaster.

    Britain benefits fromthis current too. Think to the bit on Sommer Isle in the Wickerman where this was explained to the Pagans as tehy burnt Edward Woodward.


    Points to note, Africa is surrouned by the currents... Africa is suffering drought etc. Although we have had a few natural disasters in the Mid-Americas, another area quite affected by the currents.
  13. 'Eventually' meaning when, exactly? If it's more than about 50 years, I doubt anyone on this site could give a flying ****.
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  14. That's odd, over on the the thread about good schools we have enraged parents who would club another child to death if it meant their child had a good start in life...

    Still, a good school is much more important than no clean skies or fresh water.