£400k to get slebs to Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. I never really understood the point of celebrity visits - although of course its a great publicity/earner for the celebs themselves. Do service people really enjoy standing around in photo-opp crowd, just to get a glimpse of some tart or footballer, or do they think - as i used to - "why am I in this boring/dangerous dump for x months earning £y, when mr/miss celeb over there earns a telephone number salary just for being a mong in the pulp media?"....
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  2. BiscuitsAB

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  3. How much extra would it cost to make sure they weren't allowed back?
  4. Is a politico visit any better. Now smile and don't show up the grinning cu. . Prime minister. Quick, get the black cp on shot, where is the woman, where is the rainbow lad!

    Doing it with a finger or two,eyes scrunched a bit near the screen, trying to make sure I don't make a mess or mistake in the process.
  5. Think of all the hookers 400k could have bought. That would more worthwhile.
  6. Cheryl Cole?
  7. I know when Beckham turned up people couldnt be happier with him despite the media's presenting him as thick as ****. Maybe morale does actually count for something.
    As far as I know he earnt **** all for showing support and as he earns millions a month I doubt he needs the publicity. So why slate someone who draws attention to the masses what is happening abroad?

    400K for how many "slebs"? I notice the the article doesnt actually mention the total.
  8. Beckham was very popular and stepped in to the breech at very short notice after another well known sports star bricked it.

    I can't stand the guy but he took every opportunity to meet and chat to as many guys and girls as possible, so much so that he screwed up the entire visits program. Good on him.

    Some of the other fluff I do question. Herrick is not there to rekindle your flagging career. Especially when you throw a strop due to flights. Nice guy my arrse. I also question whether displaying some sleb in BSN or KAF (as was) is the best use of resources. It's not as if they want for much unlike the blokes further forward.
  9. I believe Beckham asked to go a bit more forward but was told no.
    Why do you not like him? I cant find anyone who met him when he bothered his arse to meet soldiers who didnt have a good word to say about him even if some admitted he wouldnt be a Mensa candidate. Despite the fact he was utterly bollocked by the end of his time there not once did he refuse an autograph or photo oppotunity with a squaddie.

    Why do people moan that no-one cares about the military then when stars do rock up moan about it only being for thier career? The infantry who are lucky enough to be in KAF or Bastion dont seem to moan to much.
  10. Am I allowed to just not like him?

    Other than that he was a gleaming bloke from what I've heard. When I wrote "Good on him" it referenced him flying out at short notice, parking his ego that he was replacing someone else, making time to see as many people as he could and fcuking up someones' carefully laid plans in addition to wanting to go further forward (I think I must have heard the same rumours). He was worth the effort. He made it worthwhile for all those he met, grinned with and signed things for. He didn't do it purely for publicity.

    In fact I don't like him for what I perceive as his media whoredom however IMHO he did the visit for all the right reasons. I think Media Ops churned out the footage and column inches on the hop.
  11. I was asking why? He doesnt seem to offend anyone even on civvie street. He needed nothing like media whoredom to visit a bunch of squaddies in some sandy shit hole. Rooney for example will be the next messiah so long as he wins the next world cup, noone will give a shit if visits the brave heroes in Afghanistan.
    If you mean his general reports in the media, I dont think he gives a shit, he undoubtably has some talent in punting a a ball about the pitch and is paid well for doing so. It would not make a difference to him if the Sun reported on his exploits with the MOD or with Rebbecca Loos.