£3,000 over paid - help

After nine months trying get my pay sorted out (previously underpaid) I have now been over paid nearly £3,000 due to being paid at wrong increment (which has been backdated). I intend to bank to extra an earn some interest on it until they want it. The problem I have is that I have been taxed etc on the overpayment and therefore can not put all of the money to one side. What happens when they want there money back as I will have only seen about £2,300 of this money as the tax/NI man has seen the rest.

The questions are

1) I think they will want the entire amount (inc tax/NI paid) is this correct.

2) Can I get the extra tax I have paid back in year, or do I have to wait until the end of the tax year.

3) How do get the rebate for the extra NI stamp that I have paid.

Lastly all this is as a result of JPA cocking my pay on promotion and change of CEQ last year, I and the pay staff at my unit have raised a number of calls with JPA and they have still not got it right. How can I escalate this with someone other than a JPA monkey reading a script.

Any pay/JPA gurus out there?


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a) Get your CoC on side asap
b) Get the pay office (do they still exist?) on side asap
c) hang on to all of your pay statements and (with the pay office if necessary) write to HMRC - it's probably at Llanishen in Cardiff) pointing out that you've been over paid, paid too much NIC and need to know about rebates. They will probably try to fob you off by saying that you're on PAYE and that it'll all be alright by playtime.

If it comes to that, it may be worth your while asking for a tax return for the relevant tax year (it's currently 2007/08) (seeing as they're dealing with 2006/07 self assessment period at the moment you should have some time to play with)

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Ze, you will be paying the amount back @ four days gross pay per month. When the GPD debt is applied to your account each month you "should" automatically have your tax liability reduced for that month, so that over the repayment period your tax should be corrected, or that is how the theory goes.

:idea: To highlight your frustration you should make a formal complaint to the SPVA customer care line, you can email them on the intranet the next time you Login.
You'll get the tax back automatically.

Details below on how to claim back NI:


Interesting that in 1994 the upper earnings limit for NI was below a private's salary (so it didn't matter if someone was overpaid, they didn't pay NI on the overpayment, so there was no need to worry about NI refunds when it was taken back). In 2007 you pay full NI on earnings up to £670 a week, and in 2008 it will be £770 a week. In other words the government has made it so that most people now pay full NI on all their earnings! Stealth tax!!
Paymaster said:
Ze, you will be paying the amount back @ four days gross pay per month.
Does this ruling on overpayments apply to the TA as well, or is it limited to the Regs only, and if TA are overpaid then what exactly are the conditions of taking back any extra pay/allowances?

To answer the orignal question about returning the money:

Looking from a law point of view, you would need to re-pay all of it (ie: £3,000). You cannot just wait until they ask for it back.

What I would do is speak to your OC, admin person etc etc and tell them and they 'should' get it sorted.

(I don't see the problem with earning some interest in an account while they are sorting it out.)
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Jonnym, you did not examine the evidence very closely, he doesn't have all the money anymore, the taxman nicked a load of it!

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