"£2m care service for ex-soldiers" Is it enough?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by flamingo, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. £2,000,000 between 60,000 ex-soldiers works out at £33.33 each per year. (At current rates, would probably pay for around 1 hours counseling).

    While recognising that not all of them will require help, it still seems to be a bit paltry, especially when put alongside the same sum being used to bribe the UDA into complying with it's obligations under the Good Friday agreement.


  2. The £2m will be spent, I suspect, on running the whole aftercare and welfare service, not to put into the pockets of those deserving help (£33 each would be an insult). Ex-Soldiers requiring help can apply to the Regimental Benevolent fund for financial assistance. I believe that this aftercare service will soon be the envy of whole of the British Army, it is already well established by ex-service and is run FOR ex-service. (No I don't work for them). This £2m commitment is a great step forward and the aftercare service will continue to grow from strength to strength. Good luck to them.

    On a slightly different note, Col Mark Campbell is now sitting on a board which also sits an IRA terrorist, see HERE

    While I think that this is a rather uncomfortable union to stomach I think it better to have the views of soldiers represented, otherwise its the terrorist, again, that benefits.
  3. I realised that is not a payment to each soldier (doh), but I was wondering quite how far it will go in paying for any care required, given the large number of potential claims on these services. It doesn't sound like a lot of money in the context of the numbers who served. However, you seem to be in a better position than me to judge, and if you feel it is adequate, then it must be so. :D
  4. More would be better, but £2m I think is adequate, so long as the resources are utilised in the most cost effective way.

    The aftercare services website HERE is now up and running and can give fuller details, a brief snap-shot being:


    Home of the UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service this web site has been created in order to assist those who are eligible to contact the organization in order to benefit from the services we have on offer . those eligible comprise former Full Time and Part Time UDR and R IRISH (HS) soldiers and their families.

    Our mission is to provide medical, vocational welfare and benevolence support to this community in order to reduce suffering.

    [align=center]"Helping our people in need to live their lives"[/align]

  5. Is this separare from the package previously announced by Derek Twigg? That was also 2m quid and it was to cover mental health and welfare for all ex-service personnel.

    In a magnificent piece of television, the Sky News interviewer tore Twiggy a new one:-

    Twiggy : 2m pounds is a large amount of money and it demonstrates our commitment to the armed forces.

    Sky Guy : The 2m is to cover 2 years so that's a million a year isn't it?

    Twiggy : Yes, that's correct.

    Sky Guy : And there will be four regional centres, so thats 250 grand per annum each.

    Twiggy (Starting to see where this is going) : Err, yes.

    Sky Guy : That isn't enough to pay for a single psychiatrist for each centre is it?

    Twiggy : Err, err,

    Sky Guy : Or in fact even a psychiatric nurse or a counsellor after the centre running costs are paid.

    Twiggy : Err, err, .... NHS .... err ... world class ..... investment .... err

    Turns out these new welfare centres will be modeled on the new "Cancer Support Centre" opened with much fanfare at my local hospital. A single room (used to be a ward before the cuts) with a couple of plastic chairs and piles of leaflets, mainly provided by charities - oh and don't forget the now ubiquitous, complimentary copy of Gay News when you walk in the door.
  6. A_M,

    I think Derek Twigg's, poorly handled, announcement is separate from the £2m announced above, as this announcement is specifically for ex Ulster Defence Regiment and ex Royal Irish Regiment (Home Service) personnel.

    I didn't see the Sky/Twigg interview but I'm sure it was quite comical, thanks for posting it. Good to see Labour getting their 'spin' ripped apart, we need more interviewers to do this!!!
  7. It's a p1ss take, they spent more than that last year on advertising.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I read somewhere that this is a 'extension' of what is already on offer to the ruc/psni reserves as is the medical care.
  9. And then some.

    £90 million on one campaign last year to recruit more muslim soldiers

    The result? 15 new muslim recruits.

    At six million quid each, I hope they manage to live up to the cost of recruiting them.