£23m to give dads text tips on how to bring up children

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. HERE

    Yet again Liarbour find another way to waste taxpayers money - presumably aimed at chavscum :evil:
  2. No mate , the biggest waste of money is having new pink signs and dustbins in Salford. polishing a turd comes to mind.
  3. The bloke who fathered BBCs brat will need that amount of money just to learn how to bring up an alien (and to buy some pies for it's mum)
  4. Most of the blokes who need these fathering tips are probably not that interested in being a real father anyway. They like the kudos of having a child but none of the (extremely) hard work that goes with it.

    another waste of money, would be better spent on the armed forces, or almost anything for that matter except sending chavdads text messages.
  5. Rite m8!
  6. I think we know a lot better than some wishy washy lefty gits

  7. Dogs bark, cats miaow, Labour taxes and spends, in this case on patronising idiocy. Truly there is nothing new under the sun.
  8. Couple of questions to this revelation. And my sinical answers.

    1. Who is going to be on the other end of the phone?
    More than likely some lefty lesbian man hater who will just ridducule the bloke but has no idea about kids because she's a sterile spinster.

    2. How is texting a bloke going to help his child get better grades and stop them becoming obese?
    This means the bloke can spend more time down the pub, get his text and then order the pizza on the way home. Saves him having to go to parent meetings with the local council when he can do it from his own local pub.

    3. Use of text messages to engage with a Chav dad.
    Ok this will encourage the Chav dad to teach his kids text speak at an earlier age.

    4. Wanting to get fathers to spend more time with their kids.
    Ok then stop sending us away possible tour, op and strike possible. Look at the NO we cant send troops because we are overstretched button on your computer and have the balls to p*ss Bush off. Ever since they got Busby working for them from BT it hasnt been that Good to talk.
  9. For most of the people who need this kind of crap, it'll be a bloody miracle if the father's still around.
  10. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    If the silly mugs are willing to hand out cash for doing no more than applying common sense....where do I sign up?
  11. What ever happened to the mandatory beating when kids don't listen to good advise from dads. Bring back the baseball bat.
  13. Ministers hope the £23million scheme will appeal to men because it uses "father-friendly" technology such as phones, electronic organisers and instant messaging.

    What a load of cok. If they want to get their scheme across through a 'father-friendly' medium, why don't they print messages on the bottom of beer mats?

    Coincidentally, this year will see (inshallah) the arrival of a baby Dilfor - Dilforina if you will (for t'is a girl you see). I am very interested to know how little I can get away doing with the bairn in the 16 years before she starts bringing fit mates home for me to embarrass myself with - can the government txt me dis pls?
  14. I can only reflect the opinions above.... 'if you need to ask the question then you wont understand the answer'. How can anyone justify the money for this? What is the country coming to? Slowly but surely we are being weened onto total state dependancy.
  15. Why not install a big screen in your house and get someone from the gobmint to tell you how to do everything and how great they are at doing everything in your name.