£200 a day to be a Taliban

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RoofRat, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Don't know if this has come up yet,but whilst reading my copy of the Mein Kampf on Sunday(Mail),I hapened upon said article.

    It would appear that the erstwhile Masters of our destiny are paying Afghan refugees/asylum seekers,the magnificent sum of £200 per day,to prance around Stamford PTA,pretending to be members of the Taliban,and at the end of their stint they all go back to their day jobs! They also have a fleet of Freelanders for them to cruise around in?

    How much does a tom get paid per day now,for serving in Afghanistan? :oops:

    Have the lunatics taken over the asylum(no pun intended)? Anyone else seen this? :pissedoff:
  2. Link?
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  5. I do so fcuking hate the Daily Mail, but hats off to them, they sometimes hit the target.
  6. Granted £200 - if true - seems a strangely high figure, but if these volunteers speak the native languages that our soldiers are likely to be coming across and can, to some extent at least, simulate the sort of social (and antisocial?) situations our soldiers are likely to come across then it certainly justifies a high pay as such people would - I imagine - be quite difficult to find.

    Just to give a bit of balance in the other direction, unpopular though that might be.

  7. Thousands of em in Brum :? Remember we are talking per day here,just do the sums for a week/month,base it on 20 wetbacks a day.

    20x£200=£4000 per day,5 day week,can't have them contrevening EU Working Time Regulations,£20,000 per week,and that doesn't include the hire charges for the Landrovers,I don't think I need to go on! :pissedoff:

    The faintly esoteric "social and antisocial situations" bit,works quite well,until you realise how much body armour £20,000 a week can buy for the Toms that are already out there. I don't think unpopular quite makes it do you?????
  8. Absolutely, it's a lot of money and too much for what the army gets. I was only saying that it seems some sort of good payment makes sense if the training is as I hypothesised.

    The landy hire is probably more of a sign that the army has been cut to a point where it can't spare owned vehicles and so has to hire. Just another instance of false economy in defence procurement.

    Certainly ridiculous, but isn't most of it just 'business as usual'? I get the impression this sort of thing is hardly unknown.
  9. It is better/cheaper/easier than getting soldiers to play at being Taliban. I think that the training value far exceeds the perceived cost of this. If it saves a life it is worth it.

    Can you tell me how many Toms are in Afghanistan without body armour? Thought not.
  10. No sorry,don't do speculation,was never part of my job spec! I'll try to find out though,if you can tell me how many lives it has saved.

    What I do know is that it is roughly £1million per annum not including the Freelander hire,and we could have another 4 Cougars for that,and they do save lives.

    P.S. All they did for Aden was,give you the jabs,and issued the kit!
  11. Is the figure quoted the amount that the Afghan's get paid, or how much it costs the Army per day to employ them in the training role?
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    £200 sovs a day?!?!? I'M TALIBANI

    and Brian and Spartacus!
  13. Surely they shouldn't have a fleet of 4x4s, as the most common vehicle in Afghan is the toyota corrolla...
  14. ... one would have thought that there was a Taleban Re-enactment Association who would happily do the job for free :twisted:

    with you there t_b_s & Cow