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£20 Light Bulbs....


Ministry of Defence pay £22 for 65p lightbulb | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

According to 'The Sun' we are being charged £22~ for a 65p light bulb. Reports indicate that 'essentially this is because it is a service rather than a supply contract, so includes the amortised costs of:- a ladder, a duly qualified person, safety assessment, safety equipment, warning signage, management overhead, cost of disposal and of course the light bulb itself.

Further on in the 'article' they highlight the cost of a screw. When I tried to get more details on this aspect I was told... 'Well it is because of the same situation as the with the light bulb', (above) 'plus there are unknown risks and costs such as who was 'screwing', what he/she was 'screwing' and apparently where the 'screwing' takes place...'

Perhaps I should be posting in the Regimental Condoms thread....

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