£180m Army vehicle contract protects 700 Glasgow jobs

A £180 million contract to deliver cutting edge threat detection technology for the British Army’s new Boxer vehicles will support hundreds of jobs in Scotland, it is announced today.

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This should have been delayed until after the Scottish elections in May...

...and then awarded to a contractor located in NI, Wales, or England.
Remember, Westminster does nothing for Scotland.
I think that you are right about a putative referendum result, but Sturgeon has succeeded brilliantly in convincing the English electorate that the Scots are a bunch of rabid bigots. A some point a cold dish of revenge will get served.
Thus playing directly into her hands.
Jock workers will bolt on Norgie RWS doesn't sound quite so sexy

Figured youd find cause to moan about the project

If it was a UK design - YOU would be up in arms that it was a waste of money and they should buy an existing product .

Here because the UK has gone with an OTS purchase - you belitle the purchase and point out its lack of UK input.

Ill informed Hypocricy thy name is Soi/ Son of Icarus/ Meerkatz / Photex