£1500 to try out the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    £1500 to try out army life | Army Rumour Service

    Who needs the King's shilling when young Scots get £1,500 for training?

    Key points
    • Youngsters offered cash incentives to join up
    • £1,500 to attend training scheme
    • Army looks to give positive image of service life to potential recruits

    Key quote
    "It's an opportunity for young people to challenge their own potential and pick up some useful skills along the way. They will gain confidence, get fitter, learn a variety of new skills and become much more independent. All these new competencies are transferable and will be valuable applications in the workplace, or when students return to college." - Brigadier Davey Kirk, commander of 51 (Scottish) Brigade

    The results of this will be very interesting.

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  2. msr

    msr LE

    Er, isn't that the link at the top of my post.

    I wanted a copy in this forum, as the 'churn' is quite high in current affairs and it will soon slip off the radar there...

  3. Humble apologies, I stand corrected :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    No worries :)

    I can't help thinking though, that if these 'Save our Scottish Regiments' load-mouths actually supported the new regiments and recruiting initiatives then the Scottish regiments wouldn't be getting amalgamated because they would up to strength. But they can't seem to see this.

  5. It's time they moved with the times, and, instead of having a whinge, they realised that this actually gives the soldiers more opportunity for variety and promotion.
  6. msr

    I presume, beacasue you've aired it in here, that you are thinking about a similar scheme for TA recruiting?

    It does look like an idea well worth batting about. Lump sums are always more attractive than salary to potential recruits and don't actually hit the purse strings as much as you might think. How would you see it working in a TA environment though?
  7. Seems to me just to be a bit of clever marketing vis 7 weeks training or 49 days at £30 daily rate of pay is £1470.

    As someone said on the attached link, isn't that what it cost us anyway to train a recruit through the normal channels?

    Also at the end of all the training, the newly trained soldier is as entitled to walk away, irrespective of how they were trained, this then becomes the perennial retention problem that we strive so hard on these pages to address.

    I'm all for it, in fact I might use a similar tactic to 'sell' the TA at my unit; 'We will pay you £1200 to go through basic training, 1 x selection weekend, 4 x TAFS1 weekends, 2 weeks CSM (R) TA, and 4 x GAP weekends plus Drill Nights'.

    The cynic in me would say that by the time Glasgow get the pay sorted out the recruit would have finished there phase 1 and receive the pay as a lump sum anyway. However, as I've said before I have a superb civil admin team who are really on the ball so most pay issues are dealt with very efficiently.

    It's too early to check my spelling so apologies in advance I need another cup of coffee!!!!
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I'm not, but I would like to see this sort of project, if it proves a success, replicated across other Bdes.

    I think it builds on the concept that getting a group of people together and building the camaraderie from day one bonds them better than the 'steady trickle' of people who turn up at TACs.

  9. Sounds great - if we get some potential student recruits in at the start of the summer can we send them up to Scotland for this?

    If so, I'll start working the colleges and units now!
  10. Didnt see it in the article but is this the scheme where they can end up with a driving licence as well?

    I think it is a great idea - sorts out all the problems of people waiting around for ATRs and means that (if they can get more time off) they can hop straight onto an autumn camp with their chosen unit as well.

    Youre bound to get some dropouts but as long as the standard of training is high and the receiving units teat them well, this would provide a good injection of new soldiers into the TA each September

  11. In the workplace? When Students return to college? Yeah right - course completed, next stop the sandpit!!
  12. They most certainly do, more info here. The driving licence bit is worth another £500 [1] of anybody's money.

    [1] Based on 20 lessons at £17 plus the theory test, and a couple of goes at the full test.
  13. Sirs, Gents, Ladies:


    Containing this:

    http://www.scottishsoldier.co.uk/challenge.htm (as given by GIATT in post above and amongst other links so go to the Wiki page first.)

    I'm up to my neck in this particular one (as I hope so will GIATT be ;)) Anyone willing to help with viral marketing support (see also WIKI) please pm me and I will provide appropriate text when available - note to msr, awaiting approval from a particular grown-up or I would have posted the lot already.

    Of particular interest for recruiting will be the Summer Challenge Information Teams (SCIT Teams) of which I know some are members of these forums so I hope they will post their experiences promoting the event around colleges and elsewhere.

    devilish care to comment?
  14. msr

    msr LE


    Are there plans to offer this in other Bdes?