£10k resettlement bonus?

I've been informed that personnel leaving within certain time frames (12 - 15 years I believe) are eligible for a £10,000 'resettlement bonus'. Is this automatic (ie paid in along with your wages at some point) or does it need to be claimed? If it needs to be claimed then when can it be claimed (ie, can it be claimed as soon as you've had your discharge date confirmed or does it get paid out when you reach your discharge date or at some point in between?)?

Cheers in advance for any help.
Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) is £534.

You are thinking of what is commonly called "half pension" which is your (pension not resettlement related) lump sum you get after 12 years service.
Resettlement grant is £10100 after you have served 12 years (from your 18th birthday) as an OR or 9 years (from 21st birthday) for Officers. This is paid providing you only have a preserved pension and not an immediate one. Terminal grant (after minimum of 22 years service) is 3 times your annual pension.
As mentioned on the thread DesktopCommando linked to - use the Armed Forces Pension Calculator.
Introduction to the pension calculator
A while ago it was calculating pensions more accurately than the people who DO the pensions.
Thanks for the answers so far. I definitely qualify for the money, the question is how I go about getting it? Do I need to claim for it or whether it'll appear in my account one day?

I'm not really getting out by choice DC - I've been invited to take myself and my injury and find alternative employment.
Ring Glasgow and get it confirmed with them, I was told it can take up to 30 days to hit your bank, but I got mine 1 week to the day after handing in my ID card mate.

P.S. it as technically a resettlement grant and doesn't get taxed. :)

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