£100M for A New Mosque in London?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The-Goose, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. No joke here.
    Please read.

    Don't know if you have heard about this but Ken Livingstone is apparently planning to use tax payer's money to build an enormous mosque costing an estimated £100M in the docklands.
    Wouldn't it be better to spend the money on a new hospital or improved transport facilities. anything but such a scheme as this:

    The mosque will be BIGGER THAN ST PAUL'S!!!
    The plan is for the mosque to be so big so that people flying in from all over the world for the 2012 Olympics will see it as the biggest landmark in London , bigger than St Pauls, Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium.
    The vote so far is 56 % in favour. It looks like the Muslim community in the UK is casting its vote in droves,
    and as usual the British are burying their heads in the sand...
    It is an undemocratic use of British Tax payers money, especially when our Churches that are 100's of years
    old get no government funding to keep their structures standing, and we are supposedly a Christian Nation.
    To vote to "Scrap the 'Mega-Mosque" please sign the official Government petition in the link below.


    Please, after voting, forward this
    to as many people as you can.
  2. Been done here already, mate.

    Also got shot down as a bit of a joke as planning permission hasn't even been applied for.
  3. Please tell me your having a giraffe. . .
  4. This is gen, and as Ken is chair of just about every freaking committee, if he wants it it will happen unless something gets done to stop it. Sounds as if we need to take notice of this rather than say it is adead issue, it is not and will be up and radicalising folk before you can say Inshallah!
  5. Done. This country gets more ridiculous by the day.
  6. Who says it's being funded by the taxpayer?
  7. Does it actually matter - do we reallly want this on our skyline - even if its free?
  8. Somebody must have brought this up earlier...but where's the source that this would have been paid for by British taxes?



    For example, the news cites Tablighi Jamaat as a potential backer via Saudi Arabia, which would certainly have been a concern in itself. But nothing to support the "paid for with our taxes" claim being circulated.

    If it's a matter of taste, understandable (because it sounds grotesque). If the concern is that of a gigantic radical Islamist center being parked in an old lot, that's another issue. But it seems to be a private project, and I can see why it might have been killed at the planning level.
  9. No, of course not. Just that if you're going to petition against it it's best to be sure of what exactly you're complaining about.
  10. Lets face it 'RED KEN' wants the ethnic vote, he's part of the NEW (old) LABOUR - NO SHAME party. He shouts down, anyone that can have a debate with him, without resorting to race/religion slurs.

    lf this is to be true, which knowing and experienced NEW LABOUR for the LAST 10 YEARS, it will be. lt would be interesting to know, if the same British tax-payers would vote for the same amount of monies being put forward for better military hospitals, for their troops. Due their unselfish actions in serving their country; more than can be said for the meek, and humble, we are NOT trouble makers.......Yeah, right, Muslim community!
  11. Seriously, I couldn't find the thread, but it was done last week or the week before, and it was shown that the Mosque was:

    A) NOT funded by tax payers,
    B) NOT actually in planning,
    C) NO planning permission has been granted.

    Just a bunch of BNP people stirring.
  12. Well, that's a relief.

    To be fair, I can see how if the story was true, then you wouldn't have to be a raving racist to be disturbed by the idea of millions of public GBPs spent on this kind of brand-new religious building. I'd certainly find it so, especially since so many heritage churches throughout the country seem to be falling into disrepair! And I'd be just as disturbed if the Scientologists decided they needed a spanking new Celebrity Center on the public's dime.

    But it's being mis-reported and that does annoy me. If people are going to be outraged they should at least know what they're being outraged by (cheers, Bert_Preast);
  13. Exactly; if this was happening, I would be outraged, but as it stands, it's all just talk. No need to get worked up as yet. If it started being real, for instance, I might get a little bit annoyed!
  14. I undewrstand half of what you say, but not quite the other half! Do you mean to suggest that South asian immigrants who work in London and send their earnings back to South asia are somehow benefitting UK?