£100k awarded in Blu-Tack sexual harassment case

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. they will never make it stick
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  2. The big fanny! You can get money based on those reasons? Seriously?

    She sounds like a legendary person to wind up.
  3. Her colleagues should be compensated for working with such a ******* fat ugly pig.
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  4. Why would you want to sexually harass that ******* hipocrocopig, it should be burned with petrol as a warning to other ugly god bothers.

    She should be delighted someone was desperate enough to put tiny blue tack tadgers on her phone.

    Wonder how much of the £100K she will give to good causes ?
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  5. All of it if you count Greggs Bakery and MacDonalds as good causes.

    The ******* fat cow.
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  6. Check, not NAAFI.
    She may look a bit like a hippo.....and be a boring god botherer etc. etc.....whatever. But when will these clowns realise that their "jolly japes" are actually classed as bullying, and unacceptable in polite society. In turn leading to £££££ payouts for the "victim".

    (Although I never thought I would say this; Can somebody please switch off Joanna Lumley!).
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  7. NAAFI or not she's still a fat munter and such a non story is not deserving of the Intelligence Cell.
  8. fairy nuff. These pillocks do tend to shoot themselves in the foot though.
  9. Obviously not a lot happens at work with Dundee City Council

  10. Er. Your fantasy is showing.
  11. I am a devout pervert and am deeply hurt each time some woman walks past without vigorously rubbing her mound in my face. Where do I claim?
  12. [​IMG]

    Senator Cain wouldn't touch her........She's got a face like a cats balloon knot