£10000 BONUS

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TheCountCounts, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Is it true they are bringing back the £10000 bonus but only for the Radio Supervisor course???
  2. Oi, troll, get off the net!
  3. That's Supervisor Radio. If you're going to fish, get the bait right.
  4. Bore off you BELLEND
  5. Is the 'O' in his pronunciation of Count silent???

    If not , it should be .....
  6. No they are going to give a £1,000,000 bonus and a free house to all who complete the course.

    The course will change to reflect this, in to a Big Brother/Endurance style telethon where those not meeting the grade each week are "fired" by the SOinC.
  7. The £1.000.000 and the house are only for asylum seekers completing the course , don't need to pass it of course
  8. Unfortunately, the house is in Haverfordwest and you have to live there for the rest of your life. Your also electronically tagged so you cant travel beyond Narbeth - its a kind of wedlock situation. If you try and leave Pembrokeshire, you get you head blown off.
  9. You end up with a nose like Edward and Tubs in a 'local town.....for local people'
  10. They dont travel much further anyway. (SOUND OF DUELLING BANJOS IN THE BACKGROUND)
  11. That explains why loads of 'em don't move away when they leave the army!

  12. Just for you TARE (and all the Hicks in Haverford West)



    SB :wink:
  13. Lets's not forget about those lovelies that migrate up from Carmarthen on a Wednesday night:

  14. I am nursing a Kronenburg induced hangover - she looks quite fit!!
  15. Tremendous!!! :D :D