£1000 to spend on an "Experience"..any suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2/51, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Right, my other half has been working her socks off at work and has been given £1000 to spend on an "experience" day for herself and me :)

    Being the dutyful person I am, I am looking for ideas for me, I mean her.

    She mentioned a track day on the bikes...I mentioned a flight in a spitfire..to which she looked interested...anything you guys can suggest?

    I tried the "50 thai girl gang bang", but she said no! :(
  2. I'll let her have a go on me for £99. That leaves you a fortune to spend on yourself.
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  3. Hookers and blow…
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  4. That's hardly going to be a days experience is it now? and at £99 for 15 seconds, that's a higher hourly rate than my local garage.
  5. To paraphrase a dead bloke, you could spend 90% of the money on women, drink and fast cars and then waste the rest. Albeit £1000 isn't going to get you many fast cars.
  6. Clearly you have a taste for Chavettes:pukel:
  7. You could go for the porn experience....I gather you can pay someone dosh and they will film you and your missus to make arty nude shots and your own "professional porn"
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  8. Out of interest how much is the Spitfire flight? That does sound good

    I'd be tempted to say I'd have a week in Ibiza and get a proper break rather than spend it all on a couple of hours in a sports car to be honest. And helicopter flights, tank driving days etc aren't exactly a novelty even to an ex STAB
  9. Hire a cottage in the Lakes for the weekend. Invite a load of friends you haven't seen for ages, eat and drink masses.
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  10. Not sure if you both fit the age and weight criteria :wink: But a parachute jump is a must. Not one of that Tandem rubbish, but a proper solo jump.

    Solo Skydiving - Static line courses
  11. If flying is your thing, An hour or two in Tiger Moth is a great way to get a feel of an elegant 1930s biplane.
  12. I would..she is a bloater..lol..

    I managed to get the Army to pay for that years ago, in fact, they paid me to do it (adventure training or some such)..would never do it again! Not sure she would be up for that either.
  13. Fly with a Spitfire © for the spitfire prices.

    Have spent far to long in the back of Pumas, Wessex, Chinooks, 432's and oither such things for that to be fun..and I am not sure she would go for that.

    (bugger..just noticed its fly WITH, not IN a Spitfire :( )
  14. Pay me a grand to **** up her hoop, you can film it and put it on a XXX website and make more than a grand. Dragons den has **** all on me.....