£100 Sex

A newlywed young couple found themselves very short of money and were tossing around ideas to make a few pounds.
The guy suggested that his wife go on the game temporarily. After some initial resistance she gave in and her husband dropped her off at a place they had decided might be worth trying. As she got out of the car he said if she needed to call him , he would be just around the corner and that she must charge no less than a hundred pounds.
After the wife had been standing there a few minutes a car pulled up and the driver asked if she was doing business. She said she was and that it would cost a hundred pounds.
The guy dug around in his pockets and wallet but all he could come up with was thirty pounds, he asked her what he could get for that. " Just wait there a minute" said the woman and ran round the corner. She explained to her husband that she had a customer, but he only had thirty pounds and asks what she could do for that. The husband told her to offer the guy a hand job. She ran back to the waiting man and told him about the hand job, he agreed and she got in his car. The guy unzipped his trousers and to the woman's amazement, he took out the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. She said to the guy"Hold everything right there !" and ran back round to her husbands car and asked breathlessly..... "Can you lend me seventy quid ????"

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