£100 million for Armed Forces accommodation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by leprecon, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Live on Sky News now.

    Apparently we underspent on Herrick by £2.4 billion, and £100 million is to be made available to the building of accommodation. Also deployed personnel won't have to pay council tax.

    I wonder what he's going to spend the rest of the cash on?
  2. Deployed personnel won't have to pay council tax coinciding with people beginning to stop being deployed

    Nice headline, and the right thing to do but none the less cheap to deliver
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  3. That'll pay for a years worth of blokes living in FIA then!

  4. Does that make it any less worthwhile?:)
  5. Good decision RE: council tax, if late and of little use now.

    2.3bn? Could buy a couple more T45s and keep the armoured regiments. Alas no, it'll be squandered on an unreformed NHS to pay consultants more to do less or benefits.
  6. I thought they were selling it all off when I read the thread title and that was the market value!
    The 2 Sandhurst blocks in Bulford have got to be worth about £2.50 between them.
  7. Underspent 2.4 bill on a Defence Budget that is overspent - unless we're talking treasury budget. Even so, 100 mill on housing isn't going to make a dent.
  8. If that GBP 100 M is spent on SLAM-type accommodation (not PFI) it would buy about2000 ensuite bed-spaces. Although this would exclude land-purchase (generally unecessary) it does include 10 years' worth of post-acceptance maintenance. In other words, re-house a medium sized Garrison.
  9. It'll probably be frittered away on upgrading existing accommodation from being crap to slightly less crap.
  10. The Afghan campaign is paid for out of the treasury's special reserve, not the defence budget, so the government has underspent on the TSR (or at least the funds allocated to Afghan), but has still overspent on the defence budget.

    On the plus side, I might get that new kitchen the HIC were talking about this/next year...
  11. Confused.com!

    The accommodation new build (SLAM) for the next few years was postponed as we couldn't afford it - see http://www.nff.org.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=199&Itemid=59

    So, essentially, are they saying that they have reinstated £100m of this pot?

    If they are dressing this up as a 'new project' then it is chinny chin chin time, it sounds as if they are simply re-initiating a small fraction of what they were going to pay for new accommodation, but then shifted to the right.

    Expect Hammond to announce that the defence budget has been 'balanced' early next week!
  12. err, thats what I said ......

  13. No doubt the "feasability studies and reports,overspend,a new liason team,a Government Committee,and planning wrangles,solicitor's fees and contingency funds" will swallow up any residue.