£10,000 'Half Pension' Payment

Hello all,

Just after confirmation please that the 12 year point at which this payment is made is based on reckonable service and not time served?

If a soldier joins the regular army at the age of 17 years and 3 months in September 2008, he turns 18 in June 2009, then his 12 year point FOR THE PURPOSES OF THE £10,000 PAYMENT is June 2021 NOT September 2020 - Is this correct?

Thanks in advance

It was reckonable service for me, unless things have changed it should still be the case.

Time served prior to your 18th birthday, for example, doesn’t count.

Best bet though is to ask your unit clerks, or write to Glasgow and ask them. I wrote to Glasgow.

I got my payment in 2012, so I appreciate my comment may possibly be out of date, based on AFPS 75.
That awful expression 'half pension' - it is in fact the Resettlement Grant.

For AFPS 75 it is 12 years reckonable service (so paid Regular service) after the age of 18 for Other Ranks (9 yrs after age 21 for an Officer). For AFPS 05 and AFPS 15, it is 12 yrs service for both Regular Officers and Other Ranks but with no minimum age.

Magazine at link has an article on Resettlement Grants:



The Resettlement Grant is still £10k...?

It's been that for years now.

I think it's taxed as well (could be wrong)

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