£1.2 billion contract awarded for new attack submarine

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 10, 2012.

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  2. Not sure if good choice of name… Last Audacious found a mine and sank without firing a shot in anger.
  3. Over the recent years the MODs aka HMG policy has been to downscale or remove weapon platforms / systems that don't have a clear target or threat

    So whats the point of this weapon platform
  4. It'll be the first line of defence (or possible attack) in the new "cyber-war".
  5. So the Sub will be manned by the TA under the new Cyber Reserve Defence Force....see just TA thread, at least that will save some funds
  6. I did hear that due to the major improvements found necessary in the early boats the specification has changed somewhat. the older boats not surprisingly will also need a major refit, all this in the willing hands of BAE.

    Once complete this will lead to the whole Astute class being renamed: "The Destitute Class!"
  7. New amphibious landing capability?

  8. It's not solely a weapons platform, and addresses many different threats.
    I think your definition of 'major refit' ties in with my definition of 'routine maintenance period'.
  9. Sinking things and blowing shit up?
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