£ 35.00 Wetsuits


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Anyone interested for about thirty-five quid ?

A bloke round here's got a shedload of brand new Wave one-piece wetsuits, sizes S-M-L-XL. However they're only 3mm Neoprene and therefore mainly for surfers or warm water divers.

PM me if you're interested.

(Will also double as Gucci gimp suits if you're BB. Sorry, none in XXXXF !)
I note it's an old posting.. but I'm taking an exped out to Red Sea this summer. I think there might be a few takers for 3mm suits if you still have the contact. David


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I've been back to the bloke who had these spanking suits but he laughed and said they disappeared off his shelves with the speed of a thousand startled gazelles.

Have also tried another couple of sources but nothing at the moment. I will post here again if any become available.
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