“When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed”

Discussion in 'US' started by alib, May 10, 2012.

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  1. In TAC “When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed” by y Ron Unz
    I would not be sure about Unz's supposition, he is a typical Silicon Valley libertarian nutbag, but it is interesting.

    As I recall Merck paid out $5 billion on about 3K cases, it was estimated about 30K associated deaths officially, so perhaps about 10 9-11s in the four years the drug was on the market, that this in itself was not a far bigger news story says a lot.

    Merck, by the way, is rated as a notably ethical company in the industry. The lesson taken by other more sleekit companies from the Vioxx case was never, ever fess up to stuff like this just keep on litigating.
  2. Yes strange chap Unz, even by Californian standards of normalcy.