“Scottish Referendum Precipitates UK Exit”

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. On Wikistrat Insights from the Wiki — Britain Exits the European Union: “Scottish Referendum Precipitates UK Exit”
    Well like a lot of crowd sourcing things it all seems a bit fanciful. The Scots are unlikely to stop sucking on the English tax payer's tit and it over states Sweatie affection for Brussels, that's only typical of SNP supporters. If they did leave Dave probably has a safe majority in HMP and he can give the fingers to a minority party like UKIP.

    However post-Brexit spurned by a decidedly displeased DC it's not entirely daft that London would seek to hold it's
    traditional enemy Paris more closely. Perhaps consolidating military collaboration. After all this would also be a way of getting back in DC's good books. What's also possible is DC will increasingly turn to Paris.
  2. Jock bastards.
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  3. You are Melvyn Bragg and I claim my five Euros.
  4. Fang_Farrier

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    Perhaps you should read the already very popular Scottish Independence threads, now into its second volume. All your questions answered.
  5. ....and much more! Read up on the benefits of a deep fried diet, how to wear kilt, find out if Irn Bru really is made from girders and if a Forfar bridie is really just a squashed Cornish pasty, where do all those English taxes really go and how to get smacked up for less than a fiver. Scottish Independence threads....you'll be glad you did!!
  6. Dave will have a safe majority in HM Prison? What have you heard that we haven't?
  7. You just have to check the polls, double digit lead for staying in The Union and that's with a slumped economy and a very unpopular government down in London winding back on the bru. They aren't getting the bint vote or older blokes, its wider base is sentimental neds. Only thing likely to change that is another big UK banking crash that might give their hard headed lassies empty chip pan related reasons to cut Blighty loose and some of the most risky institutions are Scottish anyway.
  8. How Freudian.
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