‘Fearless’ Paras Earn Respect Of Local Population

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by UKForcesAfghanistan, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. British soldiers today marked a security success, by facilitating a district governor’s shura – a traditional Afghan public meeting – in the previously troubled town of Showal.

    Paratroopers from A Company, 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, along with their partners from the Afghan National Army, ensured security was safeguarded for District Governor Habibullah to speak to an audience of almost 250 local people.

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  2. Good to hear.

    Better to hear the paras are 'Always going forward' because from literature I have read from the current war in Afghanistan, alot of British contacts result in a withdrawal and no real ground being won. This is no fault of the men in my eyes, but the commanders.

    On the note of the pictures, very ally ;)
  3. Really? I suggest you read a bit deeper then. 16 AA Bde are going great guns as you would expect, however they are building on hard won progress made by previous battlespace owners. Showal is in Nad e Ali - does Op Moshtarak ring a bell?
  4. A lot of Talibs have been arrested after some contacts because the Paras have continued to move forward during and after the firefights. Previous units would stand and fight but either not push on or instead head back in. Terry wasn't expecting the Reg to continue their push so sat down and had a cup of tea (or whatever) and in walk the Reg and round the c*nts up.
  5. Complete Horseshit. 16 AA are doing a great job, just like 4 Brigade and 11 Brigade before, the colour of your beret makes little difference, grow up.
  6. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    I wonder where this thread is going...
  7. Exactly what I was thinking.....standby...
  8. I never meant to induce this sort of fanboyism - which is pathetic. What I was trying to say was, in your average contact, which is not involved in a deliberate offensive operation, such as Operation MOSHTARAK, it came across that some infantry regiments not associated with 16x would withdraw when the option of pushing on and killing the enemy was a viable option.

    The other brigades did do a great job I agree, but I was simply giving an opinion.
  9. An opinion which was 50% b0llocks and 50% carp.

    Where did you get the idea that other units had not pushed on when neccesary? Worth noting, the option to push on may well present itself. But is it in keeping with the overall mission? IS the expansion sustainable?

    Might also be worth noting that we now have greater troop concentration down south, now that MSQ and SGN have been handed over (SGN accounts for nearly 1/3 of all British deaths alone).
  10. When the **** did they last drop operatinaly?
  11. Fair enough, in terms of how certain elements may have reported previous TTPs (however incorrectly) but what is generally not reported is what each Bdes main effort has been. This, plus the mis-interpretation of "courageous restraint" by some ground commanders and the fact (already pointed out by other posters) that the Bde battlespace is unrecognisable from the one at the begginning of H11 (in terms of the drawdown from Musa Qala and Sangin and relatively sensible battle group boundaries) may give the impression that 16 Bde have come in and sorted out an area that 4 and 11 bdes had somehow neglected.

    There are places I know very well that had almost no Coalition presence 18 months ago which are now almost under control (relatively speaking). This has only been possible because of the efforts made by previous battle groups. That said I definately welcome a bit of airborne billy big bollocks smash the place up shenanigans in certain areas - lets face it, Pashtuns respect Guys on the ground showing strength. 105's, mortars and fast air just piss off your average villager.
  12. I Understand that other brigades do fantastic work and sort of set the scene for other brigades, and allow them to carry on the great work which they had done. Maybe the way previous brigades operations have been reported shows them in a different light, but to me personally, it seems as if 16x are going at it with a bit more aggression.

    I'm not saying the airborne forces are any better, and I accept that maybe the brigades prior to 16x paved the way for a more aggressive approach over the winter period, as the Taliban do not fight as aggressively over winter months, so I have been told.

    Maybe the brigade commanders intent was different 16x, a more aggressive, down on the ground approach, where others might have been different.

    I accept your opinions, and realise that the reason 16x are doing what they are doing is due to the work of other brigades.
  13. Stop ****ing grovelling to these Twats!!!