‘Brits out’ remains in for Sinn Fein

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. ‘Brits out’ remains in for Sinn Fein

    By Paul O’Brien, Political Correspondent
    THE phrase “Brits Out” is to remain part of the Sinn Fein lexicon.

    The party has rejected a call from one of its branches to stop using the emotive phrase in campaigns and publications.

    The Clogherhead cumann, based in Co Louth, proposed a motion at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis this weekend effectively calling on the party to abandon the phrase.

    The motion stated: “This ard fheis resolves that, in the spirit of Sinn Fein’s unionist engagement charter, which seeks to forge links with the unionist people of the six counties, all members of Sinn Fein and Ogra Shinn Fein will refrain from using the language of ‘Brits Out’ in any publications or campaigns.”

    Delegates at the RDS in Dublin voted to defeat the motion. However, they did pass a motion condemning the North’s finance minister, DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson, “for his proposals to reduce available money for social housing projects”.

    That was one of the few criticisms of the DUP which was heard at the weekend conference.

    Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said the Unionist Party had to be commended for the steps it had taken towards peace. “The political institutions would not be in place if long-sighted DUP leaders had not taken the initiative,” said Mr Adams.

    In that context, he said it was sad to see some unionists trying to force out DUP leader and First Minister Ian Paisley.

    Meanwhile, Mr Adams yesterday accepted the blame for Sinn Fein’s poor performance in last May’s general election. He said he had been “totally exhausted” following the long process that led to the return of power-sharing in the North that month.

    “But that’s not to make excuses,” he told TV3’s The Political Party programme. “You have to be on your game. If you’re not on your game, then that’s your fault.”

    On his future as party president, Mr Adams would “love to be liberated” from his job, but stressed the leadership wasn’t an issue. “But, when it comes to it, I won’t have to be pushed.”
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It's an idea to comment rather than just cut and paste articles.
  3. I'd rather see what others think. Much more interesting to me.
  4. if they remove all rhetoric and phrases what else can they say ???
  5. Does PSF have any REAL political clout south of the border now? After what is hopefully the end of the troubles (fingers and everything else crossed) they are in danger of becoming irrelevant. The poor PSF performance at last years ROI general election seemed to have knocked them down a peg or two.
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    I meant its policy I believe to not allow simple copy and paste posts with no comment. It may be interesting for you but we'd end up with loads of shite posts full of shite newspaper articles which would be dull as fcuk for the rest of us. :oops:

    Not saying your post is crap but some comment would be good :D
  7. Ah, well if that is the policy, I will follow it.