1. Gardner6LXB

    The YouTube thread

    I’ve used the search function & can’t see a YouTube thread. Internet links, jokes, etc yes, but no YouTube. It’s really improved in the last couple of years. It used to be cat videos & people face planting, but there are loads of informative & original channels out there now. I probably watch...
  2. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Your Favourite Youtube Foto Pundit

    No doubt we all dip into Youtube for hints, tips, tricks and reviews so share your favourite pundit here. Mine is Mattias Burling, a Swede but don't hold that agen him - he's a serious gear head, with a SoH, and he reviews many a fine lens and body. His favourite topic is old lens and how to...
  3. thegimp

    Multi-format enjoyment

    Its not an original idea (Been done since the dead sea scrolls no doubt) but I'm getting some pleasure from reading books while referencing (Watching, listening) to the events in the books on youtube, The films, interviews, performances, cultural references, music I started with no middle...