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    Britain's completely underrated role in WWII

    There is a magnificently passionate and detailed reply on Quora to the question "Who actually defeated Nazi Germany, America or the Soviets?" - https://www.quora.com/Who-actually-defeated-Nazi-Germany-America-or-the-Soviets Needs editing but told me many things I did not know, about British...
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    Reference Image Stuart Light Tanks

    Stuart MkIV M3A1:- Stuart MkVI M5A1:-
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    Reference Image WW2 Scout/Armoured Cars and Derivatives (incl. Inter-War).

    For all WW2/Inter-war scout and armoured cars, plus the R/C tankette weapons (as there's not much point having a "Goliath" thread, as far as I can see). Daimler Dingo:-