world war two

  1. W21A

    Churchill – Master and Commander. Winston Churchill at War 1895-1945.

    384 pages in total; 14 pages of glossy monochrome photos; 3 pages of his military career and decorations; 30 pages of notes and references; 11 pages of bibliography and a 10 page index. But don't let these studious notes put you off the readability of the book. The real reading is an enjoyable...
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Wingate's Men. The Chindit Operations:Special Forces in Burma

    This book is part of the Images of War collection from Frontline books. I am not sure that Chindits were Special Forces as such, although they did perform a series of long range penetration raids into Japanese held territory, they were a collection of British, Ghurkha, India, Nigerian and...
  3. untallguy

    Monte Cassino: Opening the Road to Rome

    Monte Cassino by Richard Doherty is another book on the fighting in and around Cassino in 1944. The book covers the fighting in Italy before the campaign, the battles themselves and the subsequent advance on Rome. Doherty has done a good job here in putting together a narrative to cover a...
  4. W

    Monty's Functional Doctrine

    This book seeks to answer an intriguing question: given his superiority in firepower, equipment and intelligence, how did Montgomery experience such difficulty in breaking out of the Normandy beachhead after the D-Day landings. The Wehrmacht, despite the odious regime it defended, is widely...