1. warty_melon

    Forklift Engineers/Fitters/Mechanics/Electricians

    Apologies MODS if I've posted in the wrong area, just trying to help a brother or sister. First job I applied for I got the position, being an amputee this was mega, however I digress, Neckar Forklifts near Windsor are looking for Ex Forces with any experience in Mechanical & Electrical...
  2. chuggafugga

    Magento 2 developer designer

    We require a semi-experianced or perhaps degree level web designer to polish off a website we have had in development from a 3rd party, it is currently live but requires some polishing off and further development over time. We're happy to pay competitive rates and prefer the developer to work on...
  3. Goatman

    Casting call #15- ex Mil or serving?

    Casting Collective have been providing SA 's /Extras for film and TV since 2000. If you have lots of tattoos,this may be an opportunity for a few days. Pay rates vary but standard day on an FAA production is £140 a day. Heavily tattooed men &/or mean & intimidating looking men wanted urgently...
  4. O

    Current Employment Discrimination?

    I am after some advice but it's a long story (and rather unbelievable as well :/) I am an army reservist. I have been since 2003. I began working as a civilian a police force in 2005. They were informed and aware, etc. I also joined as a special constable. Whilst on as a civilian duty I was...
  5. F

    FDM Ex-Forces Programme

    CALLING ALL EX-FORCES PERSONNEL Interested in IT? Technically minded? Outgoing and a team player? FDM are recruiting NOW for: Business, Project Support or IT Consultants We are currently seeking candidates from across the services that have the drive and potential to build a successful career...
  6. JockScot

    Army Insight Course Work Experience 2016

  7. M

    Security Roles UK

    Hi All, Looking for advice and guidance for a career in the security industry, as ex forces you have a number of transferable skills to civvy street, i know as i was ex Green Jacket. Having worked in the security industry for many years and now as a recruiter, take a look at the website then...