1. M

    Joining the Royal Artillery as a woman

    Hello, First time posting so hopefully I've posted on the right forum. So I plan on joining the royal artillery, got to pass selection atm, anyway I'm a she, do women get treated the same as men when doing the jobs? I'm going for the light gunner, just waned to know what's life as a light gunner...
  2. Sana

    Females in the Army

    Hi, I am considering joining the Army. I was just wondering if women really get treated exactly the same as men? Do they get shouted and sworn at like men? Is the same level of swearing and banter used towards women? Would appreciate it if you let me know. Thanks.
  3. Colonel Bogey

    So... Will women be in the Gurkha's?

    Just curious if anyone knows if women are going to be able to become officers in the Gurkha Rifles? From what I have read about the Gurkha's (which isn't much), I struggle to see if a female officer could gain enough respect to be seen as a leader among them... Will we also see women in the...