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  1. MoleBath

    Wellington's History Of The Peninsular War

    To a generation coloured by Bernard Cornwall’s eminently readable Sharpe series this is a chance to return to the root sources. Stuart Reid has assembled the Duke of Wellington’s published despatches. They form a contemporary account of the campaign , the key item for the serious historian is...
  2. MoleBath

    A light Infantryman with Wellington: The letters of George Barlow

    Letters from serving Light Division members in the Napoleonic wars turn one’s thoughts to Rifleman Harris and Private Wheeler, two well known books. Gareth Clover has edited the letters of Captain George Barlow to produce a fine addition to this period of history. George Barlow saw service...
  3. Excognito

    Did Wellington adjust fire to avoid hitting French ambulances at Waterloo?

    I was just reading about nursing in WW1 (apparently they did appear in buses back then) and, doing my normal idle curiosity link following, ended up on this page: The Revolutionary Flying Ambulance of Napoleon's Surgeon // ACEP One bit particularly caught my eye: I googled this, but it pulled...