1. G.Lewis

    Design Engineer Team Officer

    I recently gained my place as an Army officer through Welbeck DSFC and I'm currently looking at officer roles. I have heard Design Engineer Team officers mentioned as a role but I have not found any info online about it. Would appreciate if people could give me an insight into this role (the...
  2. G

    Royal Engineers or Royal Artillery

    First of all I will apologise in advance if this is in the wrong place. I am aware that some threads have already covered this topic but it has not quite covered my question. I'm currently at Welbeck under the army scheme (having passed AOSB) and am looking into potential regiments. I am...
  3. G.Lewis

    REME through DSFC as aircraft technician

    Just a few questions on REME, DSFC, being an officer and aircraft technicians. I'm currently in the Air Training corps but looking to go go Welbeck Defence 6th form. My fitness is fair and by the time I'm at welbeck I will definaltey have passed the 2 min 45 pressups and 50 sit-ups and the...
  4. G

    Sponsored by technical corps, but do i have to commission into them?

    I study at Welbeck and im getting sponsored through university by the RE, however, do i have to commission into the RE at sandhurst.