1. BratMedic

    The Last Battle

    You couldn't make it up. 5th May 1945, and only three days before WWII ended. American Tankies from Company B, 23rd Tank Battalion, US 12th Armoured Division and GI's from 142nd Infantry Regiment joined forces with Wehrmacht Major Josef 'Sepp' Gangl and Waffen SS Hauptsturmführer Kurt...
  2. BratMedic

    German Ground Forces of World War II

    This is a reference work that is also an essential tool for anyone researching the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS. It is amazingly comprehensive and gives a detailed analysis of every German field formation above divisional level. It also describes the ORBAT of many satellite units assigned to...
  3. Themanwho

    The German Army on the Eastern Front: An Inner View of the Ostheer's Experiences of War

    A collaboration between two historians, “The German Army on the Eastern Front” purports to be a fresh look at the Wehrmacht’s experience in the east, and it mostly succeeds in this. Using a selection of source materials ranging from letters home to contemporary Divisional and Corps reports and...
  4. Nemesis44UK

    Breakout at Stalingrad

    Breakout at Stalingrad by Heinrich Gerlach A few years ago, I found a podcast called “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History,” which disappointingly wasn’t about the origins of adult entertainment, but an episodic series that told stories from various time periods. “Ghosts of the Ostfront parts 1-4”...